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Structural classification groups joints according to their ____ _____

Uniting Medium


What are the three types of uniting medium of the joints in the structural classification

Fibrous, cartilaginous, or synovial


A suture is what types of structural joint? Functional?

Fibrous (immovable)


Is a gomphosis (implantation of teeth in the jaw) a true joint

No b/c teeth are not part of the skeleton


Where are symphyseal joints found

Generally on the midline of the body


What type of joint occurs between the bodies of most vertebrae

Symphyseal - intervertebral disc


Define the following joints, actions/movements allowed (give examples )

A. Ginglymus or hinge
B. Plane Joint
C.ball and socket/ spheroidal
D.pivot joint
E. Condylar Joint

A. Flexion and extension (elbow and most joints of the limb)
B. Gliding or sliding of the carpal joints
C. Universal movement (shoulder and hip)
D. Rotation around longitudinal axis (atlantoaxial joint)
E. Flexion and extension/ rotation (stifle)


Most of the joints of the thoracic and pelvis limb have what type of ligament? Which don't?

Collateral ligament; shoulder and hip