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What are 2 paper based communications?

Business letters and Interoffice memos


What are 7 electronic based communications?

1. Email 2. Instant messaging 3. Text messaging 4. Podcasts 5. Blogs 6. Wikis 7. Social Networking


In professional emails, what do you put in the subject to remind the receiver a response is required?



When to use a business letter?

When you need a permanent record, confidentiality is important, sensitivity and formality are essential


When to use interoffice memo?

To convey confidential information, or important messages. Good for explaining organizational procedures or policies.


What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file that is distributed over the internet and downloaded on portable media players.


What is a blog?

A blog is a web site with journal entries usually written by one person with comments added by others.


What is a wiki?

A wiki is a public or private web site that enables multiple users to collaboratively create, post, edit, and access information.


What is social networking?

Facebook and LinkedIn are social networking websites which allow participants with various interest to connect and collaborate.


What do you put in the subject line?

Summarize the central idea and explain how it relates to the reader


What are 3 things to include in the opening?

1. Restate the purpose for writing but expand it. 2. If asking for information, begin with most important questions. 3. If responding give the answer immediately and explain details later


What are 3 things to include in the closing?

1. action information, dates, or deadlines 2. summary of the message or 3. a closing thought


What 4 things to include in the body?

1. Explain details. 2. Use short sentences, paragraphs. 3. Apply document design. 4. be cautious because anyone can get the email


What are some document designs?

Bulleted lists, numbered lists, columns, tables, other graphics to improve understanding


In professional emails, should you use indirect or direct openings?

Direct openings because business people are busy


What to avoid in professional emails?

Avoid misleading subject lines, avoid sending anything you wouldn't want posted on your office door, avoid sarcasm and humor


Can you use company computers for personal matters?

No unless your organization allows it. Assume all email is monitored.


What are smart email reading and replying practices?

1. Scan all messages before replying. 2. Provide a clear, complete first sentence. 3. Never respond when you are angry 4. Acknowledge receipt


What are some email mistakes that can sabotage your career?

1. Including inappropriate content 2. Forgetting to check for spelling and grammar 3. Expecting an instant response 4. Copying and forwarding recklessly


How do you use Instant messaging and texting professionally?

1. Learn your organization's IM policies (rules)
2. Avoid chitchat. Keep messages simple. 3. Never send confidential or sensitive information


Can IM or text messages be saved?

Yes so remember to send appropriate messages


Should you blast multiple messages if you don't hear from coworkers immediately?

No, they may be busy or away form their computer.


What is instant messenger presence status?

You should keep your status up to date for Online, Away, Busy, etc.


What are the first 3 steps to create a podcast for business?

1. Decide whether to record one or a series. 2. Download software; obtain hardware 3. Organize the message


What are the last 3 steps for creating a podcast for business?

4. Choose an extemporaneous or scripted delivery 5. Prepare and practice 6. Publish and distribute your message


What are 5 keys for creating a professional blog?

1. Attract search engines by choosing the right keywords. 2. Blog often 3. Monitor the traffic to your site. 4. Seek permission if you are employed. 5. Stay away from inappropriate topics.


What are 5 main uses of wikis in businesses?

1. Keeping remote team members informed 2. Creating a database of info for large audiences 3. Facilitating feedback before and after meetings. 4. Providing a project management tool. 5 Helping document projects


How do businesses use social networks?

1. Brainstorm and enhance team work 2. Boost brand image. 3. Provide a forum for collaboration. 4. Help recruiters find talent.


What are tips for using social networking sites and keeping your job?

1. Observe company rules 2. Privacy is a myth 3. Refusing friend requests could hurt professional relationships 4. Don't share info if you wouldn't share in office. 5. No sexual pics in your profile, avoid profanity and negative comments


What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS)?

1. A data file format capable of transmitting changing web content. 2. allows business people to monitor many news sources 3. increases traffic to syndicated web sites.


Do you know how RSS works?

See page 210


What do social bookmarking sites do?

1. Help users search, organize, manage, and store bookmarks on the web with the help of metadata or information tags or keywords. 2. They collect and list current popular news items that will most likely apleal to their readers.