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Redesigning an assisted living community to enhance interaction is an example of:
1. Primary prevention
2. Secondary
3. Tertiary
4. Preventive intervention



Asked to help address theme interference problems. U would:
A. Client centered case consultation
B. consulted centered case consult
C. Consultee centered administrative consult
D. Program centered administration consult.



Child sexual abuse:
No consistent outcome differences regarding gender
Worse for females than males in regard to outcome, if difference found
Less severe when committed by family member
Less severe the younger they are

A. True
B. tries
C. False ...less severe if dont know them.
D. No data re: this


Divorce mediation:
A. Replaces the legal adversarial process
B. uses expert data to improve adjustment
C. Like an arbitrator, give view
D. Helps resolve problems

A, d. True
Don't impose view


Insanity defense includes:
A. Inability to understand charges against them
B. mental state at time of crime
C. Knowledge of difference between right and wrong
D. Didn't know the nature of the consequences of the act at the time.

A. Incompetency to stand
B. true
C. True
D. True


Social economic status:
A. High ses ppl have lower physical and psychological disorders
B. high ses then lower psychological issues only
C. High ses then lower medical issues only
D. No impact on either

A correct. Lower physical impact but not necessarily true of psychological disorders.
Lowered ses and unemployment increase the risk of psychopathology, admissions to mental hospitals, type of tx, length of hospitalization, alcoholism, violence and suicide. Mood do in lower ses.

Lower ses more predictive of medical problems like cardiovascular disease and higher rate of mortality.

Cigs, obesity, hypertension re in low ses grps and less educated grps. May be why blacks have more hypotension.

D. Some mental do like schizophrenia equally occur in ses grps. Eventually lower ses but due to drift...don't start there.


Community psychology:
A. Commitment to social change
B. focus on environment
C. Focus on advocacy of values consistent w liberalism
D. Community mental health act is its driving force

All. Also views psychologist as consultant and collaborator rather than just a direct provider.

Strong reliance on ecological and epidemiological research.


In general, suicide rates are:
A. Higher among whites than nonwhites
B. higher in low ses
C. Higher among older ppl and males
D. Higher in single ppl

B is the only incorrect one!


A. Is an act of sexual gratification
B. act of violence
C. 1/3 of cases victim is known
D. Victim known in 1/2 cases
E. half rapists are married
F. 1/3 rapists married
G. Sexual performance impaired during rape.

B,c,e,g correct


In general:
A. On average married ppl are healthier physically and psychologically than non married.
B. marital break up increases the risk of pathology and physical illness.
C. Break up increases the risk of pathology, physical illness, and suicide.
D. Childbirth is associated w 40 percent mild and 10 percent clinical depression.

A. True
B. correct but c is better
C. Yes!
D. Wrong 50 percent mild, 10 percent clinical.


The community mental health act established in 1963 and revised in 1980 set:
A. Funding for community mental health centers
B. guidelines for cmhc
C. Government assumes a major role in promoting mental health
D. Such efforts have not created great change in the service delivery of mental health.



Examples of tertiary prevention:
A. Supervised apartments, AA, day hospitals
B. hotlines, walk in clinics
c. Crisis intervention
D. Halfway houses, sheltered workshops, job skills training programs.
E. head start, drug education, parenting classes, prenatal nutrition for low ses women

A, d are tertiary

B, c are secondary

E primary


The rate of suicide among teens:
A. Increased in the last 20 years
B. deceased
C. Most common method for boys is firearms
D. Most common method for boys and girls is firearms ESP if intoxicated and available in the home.
E. dx most often of depression, substance use, and antisocial behavior
F. Loss often before an attempt and exposure to suicide in some way
G. Teen suicide attempts often way to manipulate, seek attention, express anger or obtain some benefit.
H. Sometimes occur in clusters

A, d, e, f, g, h correct


Prevention of teen suicide requires early identification of signs:
A. Talking about reunion w deceased
B. giving away possessions
C. Withdrawal and poor coping skills
D. Self destructive behaviors
E. talking about ones own death
F. Terminal illness

All but f


Regarding suicide Older adults:
A. 85 yr old white men commit suicide 4 x more than 65 yr olds.
B. just as likely to communicate intent and give away possessions
C. More likely to use violent means
D. Less likely as a way to gain help
E. warning sign is loss of loved one

All but B. may change their will
Don't communicate intent.

Concern about health most frequent precipitant. 70 percent went to PCP. 60 to 80 percent had depressive sx but didn't report it nor was it detected by doc
Other do that increase suicide risk are schizophrenia, alcohol dependence, organic brain do


Systems consultation or process consultation:
A. Improve satisfaction among members
B. satisfaction among individuals and subsystems is important
C. Focus on improving interpersonal skills
D. Entire organization viewed as consultee and targeted for change
E. focus on norms and roles to improve subsystems



Educational consultation
A. Performed to further the goals of a disenfranchised group
B. Bring about institutional change
C. Bring about change through behavioral methods
D. Examples include instruction, rehearsal, modeling, homework

C, d correct. Also called behavioral consultation

A, b. are advocacy consultation


A decrease in psychiatric hospitalization:
A. Due to use of meds
B. due to lack of funding
C. Called deinstitutionalization and has to do w govt policy
D. Has resulted in a revolving door phenomenon

All but b in research

Up to 80 percent were readmitted within 2 years of discharge.
This problem is due to poor coordination. Between hospital and community mental health system, inadequate follow up, and govt lack of support for residential programs.

Resulted in poor living for them and decrease In physical and emotional well being. Usually increases sx bc no support.


Wyatt v Stickney and
Donaldson v oconner ruled:

A. Finding of mental illness alone can not justify institutionalization against their will and keep them indefinitely.
B. must have clear behavioral criteria like dangerousness to justify commitment
C. Right of the state to regulate someone's life if they are incapable.
D. If commit person then must provide adequate tx.

A. Donaldson v Oconner
B. just a result
C. Parens patriae...historical principle
D. Wyatt v Stickney


M MNaghten test:
Durham test
American law institute rule

A. Declare guiltless acts where defendant was unable to appreciate the criminality of his act and unable to conform his actions to the law
B. criminal act product of mental illness
C. Wrongfulness due to result of irresistible impulse
D. Dependent must know wrongfulness of the act at the time of the offense to be sane

A. American Law institute rule
Later added that this must be proven by clear and convincing evidence.
B. Durham. Overturned and replaced by ALI
C. Behavioral criteria added
D. M MNaghten cognitive criteria

Reason of insanity only found less than 1 percent of the time. Usually committed involuntary until no longer dangerous. Renew retention orders regularly.


Characteristics of abusive husbands
A. Inadequate, low self esteem
B. drug users
C. Stereotyped male role
D pathological jealousy, blame others, emotional dependence
E. poor impulse control, family hx violence
F unrealistic marital expectations

All but b. do drink. Some say is an effect or excuse for what they do.


Battered wives:
A. Alcohol problems
B. stereotypical female role
C. Low self esteem, guilt, no one can help, believe provoke
D. Martyr
E. psychophysical complaints
F. Emotional or economic dependence
G. Family hx violence, isolation from family of orgin
H. Pregnancy risk factor (3x more likely)

All but A


What increases the severity and frequency is spouse abuse?
A. Presence of infants or teenagers
B. increases w number of kids
C. Pregnancy
D. Financial problems
E. holidays
F. Televised sporting events

All but b.

D is not named. However unemployment increases it.

Tx...only empirical support for arrest and prosecuting offenders. If cop mediates, allows cool off of not as good.



Those who terminate an unwanted pregnancy have responses similar to other stressors
Abortion and risk increases if lack support, previous psych conflicts, blame self or 2nd trimester abortion
Spontaneous miscarriage result in a negative depressive rx that lasts up to 1 year

All true