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1. What major milestones must happen to a Future Sailor upon joining the Navy?

- 72 HR Indoc – Within 72 hrs of joining the Navy not to exceed 5 working days
- Initial Mentoring - Completed within 7 days of 72 hr Indoc
- Phone contacts – Must be 3 times a month
- Face to Face Contacts – Must be at least 2 times a month (1 DEP meeting and other mentoring contacts.)
- 30 Day – NRS LPO/LCPO will conduct a recertification and 30 day NIDT
- 7 Day – NRS LPO/LCPO conducts recertification 7 days prior to shipping
- 24 HR – Prior to shipping, a recertification and NIDT are completed
- 1 Week after shipping – Letter will be mailed to Future Sailor
- Parental contact – Parents will be contacted monthly until Future Sailor graduates RTC


2. What is the purpose of the DEP program?

Maintain Future Sailors motivation throughout their time in DEP. Motivation serves to build commitment to the Navy while minimizing attrition. Central to this purpose is the Mentoring relationship established and maintained between the Recruiter and the Future Sailor. Additionally, to mentally and physically prepare Future Sailors for Recruit Training with the objective of reducing attrition. Inherent to this requirement is the ability to pass the Non Instrument Drug Test (NIDT) prior to shipping, voluntary participation in the Initial Fitness Assessment (IFA) and the encouragement of Future Sailors to provide quality referrals to Recruiters who can discuss Navy benefits and opportunities with these Prospects.


3. How many DEP meetings per month is the CO, XO, CMDCM and R-OPS required to attend?

Minimum of 1 per month


4. How many either face to face or telephone execs must the CO, XO, CMDCM, R-OPS, CR and ACR required to do per month?

Minimum of 10


5. What is the minimum number of NRS visits the DLCPO is required to achieve?



6. Who can grant the DLCPO exception to the 1 per month rule?

R-OPS in writing


7. How many DEP meetings per month must a DLCPO attend?

Minimum of 2 per month


8. How long must Turnover Audits be maintained by the DLCPO?

2 years


9. Who is the most important person in the Chain of Command in relation to the DEP program?

The LPO/LCPO’s leadership role is critical to the success of the DEP. More simply put, no one is more important. The LPO/LCPO must be held accountable for what happens or doesn’t happen with their DEP pool.


10. What section of the DEP Folder does the START guide go into?

Section 5


11. Recertification’s?

Section 2


12. What is one purpose of the 72 hr Indoc?

Helps to eliminate buyer’s remorse


13. What is the purpose of the monthly mentoring contact?

To continue the mentoring relationship established at the 72 Hr Indoc. It provides the Recruiter with the time necessary to go over DEP PQS, verify Future Sailors enlistment eligibility, conduct physical fitness training and discuss referral prospecting.


14. What shall happen at the Initial Mentoring Contact?

During the IMC, complete a DEP recertification, reemphasize the Navy’s Core Values and Drug Abuse Policy and initiate NIDT Drug Abuse Training Modules to be completed by the Future Sailor within one week.


15. What is the minimum DEP attendance required by all NRS?

80% or higher


16. DEP PQS tracking sheets shall be maintained for how long?

Completed DEP tracking sheets shall be retained for a period of 24 months and will be subject to inspection as part of the Command Inspection Program


17. Is DEP PQS completion mandatory for all Future Sailors?

No. PQS completion/non completion must be documented in Section VI, Remarks, of the DD Form 1966/4


18. When will Future Sailors be introduced to the Navy’s Fitness and Nutrition plan as well as the Navy’s Height/Weight Body Fat Requirements?

During the 72 Hr Indoc


19. Who are the only personnel authorized to administer the PST?

Only NSW/NSO/AIRR Coordinators, contracted Mentors and CO designated PST Administrators approved by N3, trained and certified by NSW/NSO/AIRR Coordinators or contracted Mentors


20. How often shall NSW/NSO candidates conduct PSTs to remain eligible for the program?

Every 45 days


21. What happens if an NSW/NSO candidate fails the 14 day PST?

Must be reclassified into another rating


22. Who and when can NSW/NSO candidates be authorized to run portions of the PST on a treadmill?

Due to seasonal weather conditions, the run portion of the PST can be administered on a treadmill upon approval of the NAVCRUITDIST CO.


23. What is the purpose of the DEP Action Request (DAR)?

Used to notify the Chain of Command to any changes in a Future Sailors status, regardless of how insignificant


24. How long does the Chain of Command have to act on a DAR?

Each member of the Chain of Command will act quickly on each DAR. In cases where disposition cannot be recommended within 2 working days, indicate the status and plan of action in the comments section and forward without final disposition


25. What is the purpose of the DEP recertification?

The objective is early identification of issues that impact Enlistment eligibility. It is crucial that every effort must be


26. When shall a DEP Audit be conducted?

If excessive attrition or excessive problems in the DEP pool occur or Turnover of a Recruiter, LPO/LCPO or DLCPO.


27. How shall a DLCPO conduct a DEP Audit?

DLCPOs will conduct DEP Audits Face to Face with EVERY Future Sailor and complete a DEP recertification. The results of each interview will be documented in Rtools and on the DEP Recertification. A DEP Action Request (DAR) will be completed and forwarded via the Chain of Command for any relevant problems discovered.


28. How long shall DEP audit results be retained for and who are they forwarded to?

Retained for 2 years and are forwarded to the CO


29. What is the purpose of the DEP Exec screenings?

To measure DEP Program effectiveness, confirm that the Future Sailor is motivated about their decision to join the Navy, to verify that the Future Sailor is still eligible for their Enlistment and is ready to ship.


30. What is the purpose of attrition analysis?

To identify the trends associated with attrition in order to develop a plan of action for minimal impact on mission success.


31. Who will conduct monthly DEP and RTC attrition analysis?

The R-OPS will conduct a monthly attrition analysis of DEP and RTC attrition; results will be forwarded to the CO along with a recommended corrective action for review and approval


32. If a Future Sailor refers an Officer accession, do they get promoted?

Yes. Promoted to E-2.


33. Who is assigned primary responsibility for administration of the Recruiting Referral Recognition Program?



34. Who is the program manager?



35. How long do we keep the log for referral awards?

Maintain a file for all submitted Recruiting Referral Recognition Program documents for 3 years.


36. How long do you have to submit a 5305/1 upon DEP in of a referral?

1 work day


37. How can you extend the DEP time of a Future Sailor beyond 365 days?

NAVCRUITCOM (N3) may authorize DEP extension in the DEP program beyond 365 days. Extensions may be considered only in cases where the DEP member cannot meet all requirements to access onto active duty prior to the 365th day. Extensions are granted on a case by case basis and for the minimum appropriate period, normally no to exceed 30 days. Authority to grant DEP extensions may not be delegated below the level of NAVCRUITCOM.


38. Who are the only Future Sailors authorized to go past 365 days in DEP without an ETP?

11S applicants joining in May, June or July may be placed in DEP for up to 15 months. Once a ship date is established in PRIDE, no other extensions past 365 days of the original DEP date without an exception to policy.


39. Once the DLCPO is notified that a Future Sailor does not want to ship, how long do they have to contact the Future Sailor?

Up to 48 hours.


40. Can a Future Sailor receive an RE code when administratively separated?



41. How long shall attrite residuals be kept for?

6 years from date of discharge


42. Who can approve telephonic reclassifications?



43. How long must non-US citizens have to serve before they can apply for citizenship to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency?

1 year of honorable service


44. Can you ship a Future Sailor who has dependents if the dependents only have a NUMI?