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What are the three distinct and separate categories for strength?

Dynamic strength; explosive strength; and static strength.


What is dynamic strength?

This is the strength a sportsperson needs to support their own body weight over a prolonged period of time, or to be able to apply force against some type of object.


What is explosive strength?

This is strength used in one short sharp, burst of movement.


What is static strength?

This is the greatest amount of strength that can be applied to an immovable object.


Most activities require a degree of all these types of strength. What's an example of this?

A rugby player. They need static strength to push against the other pack in a scrum, explosive strength to take a tap penalty and then sprint, and dynamic strength to last the whole of an 80-minute match.


What is speed?

The ability to move all or parts of the body as quickly as possible. It is a combination of reaction time and movement time.


What is power?

The combination of the maximum amount of speed with the maximum amount of strength. Power is closely linked to explosive strength. It is also something that cannot be maintained for long periods of time, but it can be improved through strength training.


What is cardiovascular endurance?

It is often referred to as 'stamina'. It is the ability of the heart and lungs to keep operating efficiently during an endurance event.


What is flexibility?

It is often called 'suppleness' and refers to the range of movement around a joint.


What can increased flexibility help with?

Making a performance more effective and more efficient; reducing the chances of injury; improving body posture.