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What do the World Health Organization (WHO) define 'health' as?

"A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."


What additional components can influence your health?

The use and misuse of substances (smoking, alcohol, drugs); sex education; family life education; safety in different environments; health-related exercise; the importance of exercise; nutrition; personal hygiene; environmental aspects; psychological aspects.


What does the use and misuse of substances such as alcohol, tobacco, medicines and other drugs do to the body?

They can have a negative influence. Also, both smoking and excessive alcohol can have short and long term effects on the body.


What does smoking do to the body?

In the long term, smoking can cause a greater risk of developing serious diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease and chronic bronchitis.


What does alcohol do to the body?

In the short term, alcohol can cause drunkenness, with a lack of coordination and vomiting. In the long term it can cause severe damage to the liver, muscles and heart as well as mental illness and damage to the immune system.


What are drugs?

These can include illegal drugs such as heroin or marijuana, prescription drugs and performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, which many sportspeople are tempted to take.


What do drugs do to the body?

All drugs are chemical substances that alter the biochemical system when they enter the body so they should only be used under medical supervision.


What does sex education deal with?

The physical, emotional and social aspects of an individual's development as a male or female.


What does family life education look at?

The value and importance of the family as a social institution.


What does personal hygiene focus on?

Personal cleanliness; avoidance of disease and social considerations.


What does environmental aspects include?

Social, physical and economic factors.


What does psychological aspects include?

Mental health, emotional wellbeing and stress.