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What is agility?

A combination of flexibility and speed. It is the ability to move quickly, changing direction and speed whenever possible.


What is balance?

The ability to maintain a given posture in static and dynamic situations and to be able to stay level and stable. Balance is very closely linked to agility as you have to be in a stable position before you are able to change direction quickly.


When is balance important?

It is very important in some specific activities, such as gymnastics, but is also an important factor for all performers who need to change balance positions throughout a performance.


What is coordination?

The ability to link all the parts of movement into one efficient smooth movement and is the ability to be able to control the body during physical activity.


Why is it important to have good hand-eye coordination?

Because it Is the ability to synchronize the movement of the hands and eyes for movements such as catching a ball, using a hockey stick or some sort of racket. This can be extended to foot-eye coordination for football players.


What is reaction time?

This is the time taken for the body, or part of the body, to respond to a stimulus.


What is simple reaction time?

Where someone must react to something as it happens. For example, a sprinter at the start of a race has to react to the sound of the gun going off in order to record their fastest time.


What is choice reaction time?

When someone is able to size up a situation and then decide when they are going to react. For example, a football player has to decide the best time to make a tackle.


What is timing?

The ability to coincide movements in relation to external factors. It combines decision-making, reaction time and coordination to be able to perform some movement or action. Making contact with any sort of ball or object requires very good timing if the contact and end result are to be the best possible.