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What are the four categories of bones?

• long bones (femur)
• short bones (carpals and tarsals)
• flat or plate bones (skull)
• irregular bones (vertebrae)


What are the functions of the skeletal system?

• movement at joints
• support for muscles and vital organs
• shape for maintaining our basic body shape
• protection, such as the skull protecting the brain
• blood-cell production in the bone marrow


What are the categories for joints?

• hinge (elbow and knee)
• ball and socket (hip and shoulder)
• pivot (wrist)
• saddle (thumb)
• gliding (bones in the hand)
• condyloid (wrist).


What are the three types of connective tissue?

• tendons
• cartilage
• ligaments


What are tendons?

Very strong, non-elastic cords that join the muscles to the bone


What is cartilage?

A tough but flexible tissue that acts as a buffer between the bones at joints


What are ligaments?

Bands of fibre attached to the bone that link the joints and they help to keep the joints stable