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How does movement occur?

By the skeletal system and muscular system linking, as it is the muscles that are attached to the bones that allow this movement.


What are the three types of muscles?

Skeletal; cardiac; and involuntary muscles.


What are skeletal muscles?

These are also called 'voluntary muscles' and make up the majority of the muscles in the body. It is these muscles that help to give the body it's shape. They are called 'voluntary' because they are under your conscious control and only move through a conscious effort.


What are cardiac muscles?

These are a form of involuntary muscles as they work automatically and constantly. They are only found in the walls of the heart, working to make sure that the heart is beating consistently.


What are involuntary muscles?

These are the muscles that you cannot control, which are found in the walls of the intestines and in the blood vessels. They have to keep contracting to allow crucial body functions to continue.


How do muscles work?

Muscles always work in pairs as they can only pull and not push. While one muscle is pulling in one way the other relaxes, and the vice versa.


How does movement take place?

One bone stays in place while the other one moves through the action of the origin and the insertion and the prime mover and antagonist.


What does exercise improve? Why is this important?

The strength and flexibility of tendons and ligaments. This is important because these are the areas where the greatest amount of stress is applied during movement. They are also very often injured or damaged.


What is 'muscle tone'? What does it help with?

Where the muscles always maintain a slight degree of tension as the prime movers and antagonists are working against each other. It helps with core stability as the main muscles maintain the correct alignment of the spine and pelvis. It is this muscles tone that helps us to maintain a good posture.