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What does the muscular system allow?

To move body parts, stabilize joints when movement is happening, and protects and keeps vital organs in place while also giving us our individual shape (as it makes up just over 40% of our total body mass).


What are the separate categories for muscles which relate to specific movements?

Flexors — the muscle that bend a limb at a joint by contracting.
Extensors — the muscles that work with and against the flexors and that straighten a limb at a joint by contracting.
Adductors — the muscles that move a limb towards the body.
Abductors — the paired muscles for adductors, which move a limb away from the body.


What are isotonic contractions?

These can be concentric (shortens) or eccentric (lengthens).


What are isometric contractions?

Where there is no actual movement of either the limb or the joint because the muscles are working to keep the joint stable.


What movements are the biceps and triceps involved with?

They are mainly involved in any movements of the arm, especially at the elbow including any type of throwing movement, such as javelin or a ball and a smash at tennis, badminton or volleyball.


What movements are the hamstrings and quadriceps involved with?

They are involved in the movements of the legs including any kicking movement, such as kicking a football, as well as running movements, especially sprinting and jogging.


What movements are the abdominals involved with? Why are they important?

These are made up of three major muscles that allow movement around the stomach and waist. These are very important for keeping the body straight and upright in a variety of movements as well as specifically when doing exercises such as sit-ups.


What movements are the pectorals involved with?

These allow the arm to be raised at the shoulders, so would be involved in the tennis drive, shot put and all of the swimming strokes.


What movements are the gastrocnemius involved with?

These are involved in initial movements of the legs, specifically running and the take-off phase of any type of jump.