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How can you live a healthy, active lifestyle? What will it do?

Combining health and fitness will allow you to live a healthy and active lifestyle. It will in turn increase the quality of life that you are able to enjoy.


What are some examples of good exercise habits?

• do not be driven, but walk instead
• try to walk for at least part of the journey
• use a bicycle as you chosen form of transport
• use the stairs if they are available instead of relying on lifts and escalators
• if you are involved in a lot of sedentary work, try to include some opportunities of exercise in your day.


What are some benefits to be gained from improving your exercise and fitness levels?

• improves body shape (activity can help to keep body weight down)
• relieves stress and tension
• helps a person sleep better
• reduces the chances of getting illnesses and diseases
• tones up the body and improves posture
• helps to improve basic levels of strength, stamina and flexibility


What does the amount of additional activity someone needs depend on?

It will depend on the individual. If they have a job that involves being on their feet all day or even one that involves quite a lot of manual labour, in which case their needs would be less than someone who has an office job.


What is someone's physical condition?

If you are already quite healthy and active, you might just need to maintain these levels. If not, you might need to look at ways in which you can improve them.


What does 'long-term aims' mean?

This is a lifestyle choice and there will not be immediate changes so you must be prepared to increase levels of activity gradually and over a period of time.


What are the short-term effects of exercise?

Increased heart and breathing rate; increased body temperature; reddening of the skin; a feeling of tiredness or heaviness in some of the muscles you use.