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Who is excluded from the bargaining unit?

Executive Director of fire rescue, Deputy Fire Chief, assistant fire rescue Chief, division chief, special project coordinator, all clerical classification, all maintenance classifications and other support staff members and classifications not specifically included above.


The parties agree to mutually petition the PERC to amend the bargaining unit consistent with the language of section 1 of this article. What does PERC stand for?

Florida public employees relations commission


That union will not discriminate in membership on the basis of:

Race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, or gender identity and, expression or otherwise required by law

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Removal from the bargaining unit or membership removal is the exclusive right of the:

Union, provided that such removal is not solely related to age race creed color religion national origin sex marital status disability or sexual orientation.

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Who is included in the bargaining unit?

Firefighter/paramedic, driver engineer, Lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, fire safety inspector, and prevention officer


The union will not discriminate against employees covered by the agreement on the basis of their:

Refusal to become a union member

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BSO has an established internal procedure to investigate and resolve alleged cases of discrimination, which is in addition to existing an adequate procedures established by The:

Broward County

State of Florida

Federal government

Accordingly, no allegation of employment discrimination can be processed through the contractual grievance/arbitration procedure.

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Any discrimination claim must be referred to the:

Sheriff's equal employment opportunity division

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Subject to the terms of this agreement the sheriff has the exclusive right to:

A)To manage and direct all employees of the sheriffs office including the scope of service to be performed by each employee and the content of each job classification/description
B)Higher, rehire, promote, transfer, schedule, sign, retain and layoff of police and positions with the sheriffs office unless other wise modified within the contract language.
C)To suspend, demote, discharge, or take another disciplinary action against employees for just cause.

To determine the number of all employees who shall be employed by the sheriff, job make up, activities, assignments, and the number of hours and shifts to be work per week or pay period, including starting and quitting times of all employees unless other wise modified within the contract language.

To determine the number, types and grades of positions or employees assigned to an organizational unit, department or project, and the right to alter, combine, reduced, expand or cease any position organizational unit.


It is the right of the sheriff subject only to the terms of this agreement to:

Require employees to participate in drug and or alcohol testing as required by the standards of the drug-free workplace act and or the sheriffs policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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The union made grieve the sheriffs decision should:

Decisions on the above matters have the practical consequences of violating the terms of this agreement and/or affecting any other existing working conditions of employment.

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When can the sheriff or the executive director of fire rescue or his designee suspend the provisions of this collective bargaining agreement relating to shift work assignments, hours of work and overtime, leaves, and staffing levels?

In the event of a riot, extraordinary civil emergency or natural disaster. The suspension of these contract provisions shall not impact economic issues.

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The union, its officers, agents, representatives, and it's bargaining unit members and employees agree that they will not strike, as defined by the:

Public employees relations act

And they agree not to participate in a strike against the sheriff by instigating or supporting a strike, nor shall the bargaining unit members participate any work stoppage, slowdown, sickout, job actions or picketing in furtherance of any of the above prohibited activities.

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There shall be no picketing whatsoever______by the bargaining unit members covered by this agreement.

In uniform

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During the terms of this agreement, the sheriff agrees that it will not authorize, cause, or engage in any lock out of bargaining unit members unless:

A lockout should become necessary for the protection of the sheriffs property

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Florida statutes section 447.505 states:

No public employee or employee organization may participate in a strike against a public employer or by instigating or supporting, in any manner, a strike.

Any violation of this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in this part (Florida statute section 447.507)

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The sheriff shall allow the union to maintain a minimum of___payroll slots for union deductions. Additional slots may be available by the sheriff upon written request of the union.


Any changes in the amounts to be deducted shall be given to the sheriff and bargaining unit members 30 days in advance

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The sheriff shall permit the union to maintain three separate payroll deduction slots (one pretax and two post tax) designated specifically for the:

Benefit fund

The sheriff agrees to make all payments to the union or benefit fund by electronic funds transfer

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Bulletin boards are to be used as a means of communication to members of the union. Items posted on bulletin boards must be written on:

Union letterhead and signed by union official
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The union agreement shall be printed and supplied to the union. The union will receive 20 copies and one copy will go to all work locations by the sheriff within___working days following ratification at new cost to the union.


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Each fire station, fire prevention branch and training branch of the department shall have a completed operations and procedures manual via Internet accessible by station personnel who should be responsible for the knowledge of its contents. Employees disciplined as a result of failure to adhere to the rules and regulations in the operations and procedures manual shall have the provisions in the:

Grievance and arbitration procedure article available to them

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The sheriff will provide and maintain the following reference materials at all the fire stations as designated below, including, but not limited to:

Operations and procedures manual (OPM) via Intranet

International fire service training Association (IFSTA) manuals for all the fire stations

An updated pharmaceutical reference book for all ALS units

A dictionary

An updated copy of the EMS protocols and paramedic manual for all ALS units

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The union will be provided with a dedicated BSO computer terminal at an agreed-upon location for access to the BSO network and any other job related programs such as:

BSO informant



*The cost of maintaining connectivity, Internet, shall be the responsibility of the union

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Up to___members of the union, designated by the president, shall be allowed time off without pay to attend the unions state convention. Each delegate shall be allowed to take off___shifts during each fiscal year.





Up to___members of the union, designated by the President shall be allowed time off without pay to attend the unions international convention. Each delegate shall be allowed to take off___shifts once every___years.






Union time Pool allocations may be utilized for union business upon approval by the:

Union president or designee

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Members of the union may donate up to__shifts___hours, per year of annual leave to a paid union time pool to be used by members of the union.


Authorization from the bargaining unit number must be submitted in writing before such donation is effected

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Under normal circumstances union time Pool utilization will include the reasonable notice of___hours.




On January 1 of each year. The sheriff will contribute___hours to the union time pool.


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The sheriff agrees that all bargaining unit members shall be afforded the right to join a union and receive union representation in any and all circumstances involving their employment where an employee:

Reasonably believes discipline may result

The union shall be given timely notification of any and all proceedings, meetings, fact-finding, interviews, interrogations, investigations, and or hearings where a bargaining unit number is present in the subject of an investigation prior to the commencement of the event and shall be permitted to attend.

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Any member may elect to wave union representation so long as:

The waiver is in writing

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The Fire Chief shall schedule a conference with the union leadership to discuss subjects of concern. Such conferences may be requested by the:

Fire Chief or the union president
The purpose of these informal conferences is to facilitate the communication and resolution of mutual concerns
These conferences shall not be construed to constitute a reopening of negotiations or a resolution of grievances.

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For employees hired after April 1, 2005 for employment in a bargaining unit position shall be a minimum Florida state certified paramedic or a Florida State certified firefighter provided any single certified bargaining member shall attain dual state certifications as a firefighter paramedic prior to:

The end of their probationary period



All bargaining unit members hired after October 1, 2003 shall maintain duel state certifications during their employment with the sheriff. This provision does not apply to the position of:

Fire safety inspector while assigned to fire prevention or bargaining unit members acquired under a merger, contract, transfer of services, joint powers agreement, or consolidation where those bargaining unit members were hired under different conditions of employment that did not require dual certification.

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New employees will serve a probationary period of 12 cumulative months not counting:

Worker's Compensation time, family and medical leave act time, military leave time, or time in suspension as result of discipline from the date of their employment

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The probationary period maybe extended up to an additional:

Six months

Upon the written request of the Fire Chief and the approval of the director of human resources bureau.

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Probationary employees may be discharged during their probation for any reason which the employer deems to be adequate, except a probationary employee shall not be discharged in violation of the nondiscrimination provisions of this agreement. Such discharge decisions shall not be subject to the:

The grievance procedure

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When an employee is promoted, they shall serve a____month probationary period. The probationary period maybe extended up to an additional___months upon the written request of the Fire Chief or Deputy Chief of fire rescue and the approval of the director of human resources.



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If the promoted employee fails to perform satisfactorily the duties of the higher position during the probationary period in that position, he shall:

Be returned to the position held prior to the promotion as if the promotion had not taken place.



If during the probationary period in that position, the promoted employee desires to return to the position held prior to promotion, the employee shall be returned to the classification and salary provided the position the employee was promoted out of remained vacant. The promoted employee who is voluntarily demoted shall not have____rights.


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The question of satisfactory performance as an officer is within the sole discretion of the _____, and such demotion while on probation shall not be subject to:


Grievance process

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A fire safety inspector that desires to move to the operation side of the department must be dually certified and must complete the departments:

Designated application, selection and training program

This will not be considered a promotion and will not be eligible for a promotional increase.

They will serve a six-month probationary period and will have a new time in classification seniority date.

If they wish to revert back to fire safety inspection they may at the discretion of the Fire Chief. The bargaining unit members time in classification seniority date will revert back to the original time in classification seniority date. However they will have a 12 month probationary period.

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The promotional examination process will be a list of bargaining unit members organized by final earned scores to____decimal points. Promotional appointments for each vacant position shall be made from the then top___candidates.


3 including any candidate who score is tied with the third candidate.

Should a candidate refuse a promotion, the next candidate will be included for consideration in order to ensure management always has a choice of three candidates.

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Candidates will receive one point time in grade seniority credit, for every___years in the immediately preceding job classification which will be applied to the final whole earned score.


This will be measured in terms of continuous service and by the closing date as published on the official human resources posting.

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For the position of Lieutenant, time in grade seniority will be calculated from the bargaining unit members:

Actual date of hire in the classification of the firefighter/ paramedic.



Any bargaining unit member may refuse a promotion___time without jeopardizing their standing on the promotional eligibility list. A refusal____months or more after the first offer for a promotion will result in the removal from the promotional eligibility list.



Candidates who declined the promotion must do it in writing to the Bureau of human resources within five calendar days of receiving the promotional offer on the Bureau of human resources form.

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You will automatically be promoted into the position of your choice, passing over much more qualified, much more senior candidates, if your name is:

Keith Martin

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Candidates may be passed over___times for promotion. Each time a candidate is passed over, the candidate will be given a written______from fire command on how to improve prior to the next promotional selection, which the candidate will make a good-faith effort to comply.


Action Plan

Candidates may only be passed over a third time if they have received an official disciplinary action during the AP period.

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The duration of a promotional eligibility list shall be for___years or until exhausted, which ever comes first


An active eligibility list will be exhausted under the following conditions:

-All candidates are promoted

-All candidates have been offered more than one opportunity for promotion in accordance with section B above.

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If an active eligibility list for promotion includes less than____candidates, the Bureau of human resources may commence a new promotional process for the purpose of establishing a secondary eligibility list.


Candidates who are on the active eligibility list will be considered until the current list expires or is exhausted before any candidates on the secondary list may be considered for promotion.

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Eligible candidates must apply for, and successfully complete, the new promotional process to be placed on the secondary eligibility list. Upon expiration or exhaustion of the current active eligibility list, the second eligibility list shall immediately become the current active eligibility list for the promotions and upgrades.

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If any eligibility list is exhausted prior to expiration, a new eligibility list will be established within_____days and remain in effect for____years.



Page 20


With regards to the promotional procedure's:

Time in grade eligibility requirement for promotional examinations shall be measured in terms of continuous service. An interruption for an authorized leave of absence without pay shall not constitute a break in continuous service; however, the time of a leave of absence without pay shall not be credited as time in service

Page 21


In regards to promotions:

The time in grade eligibility criteria for promotional examinations shall be determined by the closing date of the posting as published on the official Bureau of human resources job announcement.

Unless you is Keith Martin

Page 19


All promotions shall be filled from persons holding the next lower rank. No skipping ranks shall be allowed except for the position of_____.


Lieutenant candidates must have successfully passed the most recent driver engineer promotional examination or currently hold the position of driver engineer at the time of the announcement closing date.

Page 19


Shall not be a consideration in establishing rankings on promotional eligibility list:

Working out of classification

Page 21


In regards to promotions, The candidate evaluation method, ranking and qualification requirements shall be determined by the:

Fire Chief in consultation with the Director of the Bureau of Human Resources.

Page 21


Promotional examination shall be determined by an appropriate job related examination process as determined by the:

Director of the Bureau of human resources

Page 21


Promotional testing may include any of the following test methodologies individually or in combination:

Evaluation, rating of experience and or education, written examination, oral examination, assessment center exercises, performance/practical examination or other generally excepted job-related evaluation instrument. The sheriff shall have the option to videotape any portion of the examination process.

Page 21


And a promotional exam, if an oral examination is utilized, the oral examination board will consist of a minimum of___assessors of equal or higher rank to the position being interviewed for from agencies other than the Broward sheriffs office who will be approved by the Director of the Bureau of human resources in consultation with the executive director of the fire rescue department.


Each examination phase will be weighted for a total of 100% and will be listed on the promotional announcement

Page 21


After the administration of the promotional written exam, participants will have the opportunity to

Participate in a review session immediately following the exam

Page 21


Upon written request of the Union, the sheriff may elect to appoint a representative from the_____or the_____to attend the selection interview process with in the fire rescue department.

Bureau of human resources

Equal employment opportunity division

Page 21


Promotional examination announcements that result from the regular expiration of an eligibility list shall be posted conspicuously in each:

Fire station, fire prevention branch office, Logistics branch office, communication center, headquarters, and training branch office.

It must be posted 120 days prior to the regular expiration of the eligibility list.

Page 21


When a promotional test is scheduled for a one day event, participants who are assigned to work shall be allowed:

Time off without loss and pay or benefits to take the exam.

Page 23


In the event the bargaining unit member believes he or she has been discriminated against in the examination process the_____shall be able to investigate those concerns.

Equal employment opportunity division

Page 23


If the promotion date of a bargaining unit member is within____days of the bargaining unit members anniversary date, the bargaining unit members annual increase, if applicable, will be processed followed by applying the promotional increases.


Page 21


Acceptance of late applications for promotional opportunities will be limited to:

Unusual circumstances that prohibited the applicant from applying during the posting period. The approval authority for such request shall rest with the Bureau of human resources director.

Page 24


When a bargaining unit member is promoted his or her base pay rate shall be increased by:

7.5% above current salary within range.

Page 24


When a bargaining unit member accepts a voluntary demotion to a classification with a lower maximum rate for their convenience, his or her base pay shall be decreased to a rate within range of the lower classification and which is at least 7.5% below their current salary unless such a reduction is:

Waived by the executive director of the fire rescue department in consultation with the director of the Bureau of human resources. Page 24


All newly promoted to lieutenants or acting lieutenants shall complete the following training program prior to assignment;____hours of job-related training which shall include, but not limited to, hands-on practical applications of the following subject matter:


Incident command, fire ground tactics and strategies, hazardous materials, weapons of mass to destruction, vehicle extrication, fire alarm systems, mass casualty incidents, airport and seaport orientation.

After the completion of the 80 hour training program each lieutenant shall complete an additional four shifts of in-service training riding along side of a designated field training officer.

Page 24


Promotional requirements for a driver engineer:

___Years of full-time paid BSO contract city experience in the ranks of firefighter EMT or firefighter paramedic.


State of Florida pump operator certification

Emergency vehicle operator certification from an accredited certification institution

Page 22


Promotional requirements for a lieutenant:

Currently holding the rank of driver engineer or have successfully passed the most recent driver engineer promotional exam.

____Years of full-time paid BSO contract city experience in the ranks of firefighter paramedic or driver engineer


3)State of Florida fire officer one

4) State of Florida certified firefighter/paramedic

Page 25


Promotional requirements for captain:

___Years of full-time paid BSO contract city experience in the rank of lieutenant


2)State of Florida fire officer one certification
3) State of Florida certified firefighter/paramedic

Page 25


Promotional requirements for battalion chief:

Currently holding the rank of nonprobationary captain

____Years of full-time BSO experience with an associates degree; or_______


Or 10 years of full-time paid BSO experience with a bachelors degree

Two years of full-time paid Bso/contract City experience in the ranks of Captain

State of Florida fire officer one certification
State of Florida certified firefighter/paramedic

Page 25


For the purposes of this agreement, the bargaining unit members hire date shall be deemed to begin:

On the actual most recent date of continuous full-time paid employment with the Broward County sheriffs office.

Page 28


Bargaining unit members who voluntarily forfeit their certification as a firefighter, EMT or paramedic, will have their bargaining unit seniority date adjusted to:

The date of forfeiture

Page 28


For bargaining unit members with the same hire date, seniority shall be determined by:

The last two digits of the bargaining unit members Social Security number zero being first and nine being last. If the last two digits are the same, the digit to the left shall be used.

Page 28


For bargaining unit members with the same promotional date, time in classification seniority will be determined by the bargaining unit members:

Bargaining unit seniority date

Should this date be the same, the seniority date shall be determined by the last two digits of the bargaining unit members Social Security number.

Page 29


Bargaining unit seniority with in each rank shall be used for the purposes of:

Selecting annual leave

Page 29


Seniority by time in classification shall be used for the purposes of the:

Filling vacancies at work locations, bidding/assignments, vacated Kelly days, service-level reductions (layoffs), recall from layoff.

Page 29


For bargaining unit members hired before January 1, 2003 time in classification seniority shall be the sole consideration for filling the vacancies at work locations and shift bidding assignments. Members will forfeit this_______upon voluntarily excepting a transfer promotion or new assignment.

Super seniority

Page 29


These certain members shall not be transferred without their consent:

Members assigned to the seaport or the airport prior to January 1, 2003

Page 29


Special assignments to be filled by the department shall be limited to a maximum of___months.


If a special assignment would extend beyond six months it shall then be considered a permanent assignment and subject to bid
The position will be posted and filled within 30 days

Page 30


If all qualifications have been met, the most senior person will be awarded the bid. There shall be no_____applied to bids.

Bumping rights

Page 30


In the event a senior bargaining unit number is not awarded his or her bid request or a bargaining unit member is reassigned from his or her assignment as a result of the executive director of fire rescue or designee exercising his or her discretion, the executive director of fire rescue or designee will advise the effective bargaining unit members prior to taking such action. Upon request, bargaining unit members affected by this section will be:

Counseled by the fire chief or deputy chief, with a union representative present (if requested by the bargaining unit number) as to why the bid was denied or assignment changed. Any such decisions by the fire chief shall not be subject to the contractual grievance procedure

Page 30


It is understood that on occasion involuntary transfers and assignments must be made and maybe made at the discretion of the:

Fire chief or deputy chief and such decisions shall be discussed with the union prior to the decision being made.

Page 30


Regarding temporary assignments. The least senior qualified member may not:

Decline an assignment.

Page 31


Involuntary transfers and assignments will be made from the least senior qualified bargaining unit members in the applicable job classification unless:

The transfer causes an operational hardship in which case the next least senior qualified bargaining unit member may be transferred or assigned.

Page 31


A position that becomes vacant by promotion shall remain open for the duration of the:

All vacancies that occur (do you to promotions, retirements, resignations, transfers, newly created position) Will be advertised and bid by the 15th of each month. A position that becomes vacant by promotion shall remain open for the initial probationary period of six months

Page 31


New bid assignments will become effective on:

On the first day of the following month

Page 31


Management has the right to temporarily move bargaining unit members from their assigned bids for the purposes of training or to eliminate overtime____times per year and unlimited times within the station.

The training shall be clearly defined and pre-assigned by the operations chief or training division and placed into the operations calendar.

Page 31


Cross shift bidding is not permitted when filling:

Bargaining unit members possessing the minimum qualifications for the vacant unit or assignment shall be permitted to bed across shifts. In the event a bargaining unit members request for a volunteer shift transfer, the bargaining unit member may have their Kelly day assignment reassigned by the Fire Chief or Deputy chief

Page 32


Bargaining unit members will not be allowed to hold two bids, excluding:

Back up positions for special operations

Page 32


Bargaining unit members may not bid back into their previous bid assignment for:

One complete bid cycle, unless the bid position remains vacant for one complete bid cycle

Page 32


In the event of a layoff, the most junior member of the bargaining unit shall be laid off first. In the case of the layoff in any rank/classification, the bargaining unit with the least time and classification shall be laid off first, but shall be allowed to_____Jr. bargaining unit members and lower ranks/classifications.


Two weeks notice or pay in Leu thereof shall be given to each member of the bargaining unit to be laid off

Page 32


Recall will be in reverse order of layoff.

No new bargaining unit members will be hired by the sheriff until:

All laid off numbers are offered recall or the recall list is expired. A recall list in order of layoffs/ seniority will be maintained by the sheriff. In the event and entry-level bargaining unit position becomes available, and a recall list currently exists, the sheriff will recall the most senior, qualified bargaining unit member on the list.

Bargaining unit members to be offered recall shall be informed of the sheriffs offer for reemployment in the form of written notice. Within 10 working days after a bargaining unit member receives notice, they must advise the sheriff in writing that he or she excepts reemployment and will be able to come into work on the date specified or date mutually agreed-upon.

Page 33


Any and all reemployment rights granted to a bargaining unit member shall terminate upon such bargaining unit members failure to accept the offered position within the allotted time or failure to respond to the sheriffs a recall notice.The recall list shall remain in effect for a period of___and may be extended at the discretion of the Bureau of human resources director.

Two years

Page 33


Service shall not be deemed to be interrupted by any paid leave, or any leave without pay of____days or less, during any approved leave without pay in excess of____days, no seniority shall be accumulated during the entire period of such leave, but previously earned seniority shall be retained.

30 for both

Page 33


If a bargaining unit number is granted a voluntary demotion, after the completion of his probationary period, he will return to the classification held prior to the promotion:

At such time that a vacancy is created

Page 33


Members who currently hold a bid position outside of special operations and accept a back up special operations assignment, will be on occasion reassigned from their bid, these reassignments shall not count as:

One of their 12 training reassignment/transfers.

Page 34


In the event of a bid vacancy with in the permanent special operations unit assignment, who will be given the first option to accept or decline the bid in that special operations unit?

The member with the most current consecutive time assigned to the back up special operations unit
Members assigned to the back up special operations unit staffing will be given the first option to except or decline the bid in the special operations unit
Should all back up special operation members declined the bid, the back up member with the most consecutive time currently assigned to the back up special operations unit will be reassigned to fill the vacancy as a permanent bid

Page 34


Outside employment is defined as:

Any paid employment performed by an employee in addition to his or her employment by the sheriff.

Any member of the bargaining unit who desires to perform outside employment shall do so by filing a written request

Page 36


Outside employment may not be approved unless the following minimum criteria are met:

Shall not interfere with the efficient performance of the employees duties

Shall not involve a conflict of interest or conflict with the employees duties

Shall not involve the performance of duties which the employee should perform as part of his or her employment with the sheriff (excluding approved instructional employment like the Broward fire academy or BCC)

Shall not occur during the employees regular or assigned working hours

The employee shall make arrangements with the outside employer to be relieved from his or her outside duties if and when called for a bona fide emergency by the sheriff

Page 36


The sheriff retains the right to approve and revoke it's permission to engage in:

Outside employment
Such approvals and the revocations shall not be unreasonably denies

Page 36


Any employee who obtains new unauthorized outside employment while on authorize leave of absence without pay automatically:

Forfeits his or her position with the sheriff

Volunteer firefighting shall be considered outside employment and subject to the provisions of this article

Page 36


No employees of the bargaining unit may serve as a paid or not paid member of any other county, municipal or private agency providing emergency fire rescue services and/or emergency services/ambulance service unless approved by both the sheriff and the union. This includes any:

Non-emergency rescue/ambulance service not directly provided by the fire rescue department

Page 37


The average annual weekly hours of work for bargaining unit members shall be____hours per work week:

48 hours

Page 38


Bargaining unit members shall receive one shift or 24 hours off every____shift as a time adjustment. This time adjustment shall be designated as a Kelly day.


Page 38


The computation for pay purposes shall be based on____hours per year.


Page 38


All Kelly day assignments will be selected by______seniority. These will be awarded after the August bids are awarded and prior to:

Time in classification

Prior to annual leave bids

Page 38


Relief shift consists of:

One designated 24 hour shift and two designated eight hour days per week

Page 31?


And involuntary temporary change (30 days or less) to a bargaining unit members work schedule may occur so long as the bargaining unit member has received at least____notice prior to the proposed change in the schedule changes are not used any punitive or discriminatory fashion.

7 calendar days

Page 39


A bargaining unit member who is involuntarily transferred from one shift or assignment to another shall receive notification of the transfer no later than___calendar days prior to the effective date of transfer and will maintain their_______.


Kelly day assignment

In the event that a member request a voluntary transfer, the bargaining unit member may have their Kelly day reassigned

Page 39


Employees who are requested to return to duty at times other than their regular schedules, shall be credited with a minimum of four hours, at the employees appropriate rate of pay. Except for:

Shift exchange

Time Pool replacements

Page 39


Employees of the fire Marshall's bureau who are contacted by telephone and are not required to physically report to a specified location, shall be compensated for a minimum of___hours.

Two hours or actual hours worked at the appropriate rate of pay
beginning with the call from the fire rescue department to return to off-duty work together with all hours actually worked shall constitute the maximum hours worked, during call back, for pay purposes
Page 39-40


For pay purposes, Overtime starts from:

The call time from the fire rescue department to return to work

Page 32?


No member of the bargaining unit shall be required to train employees of:

Any private fire protection service provider and or private rescue/ambulance service with which the sheriff could contract.

No unit member shall be required to operate as a volunteer of any fire department/rescue squad or any volunteer fire department/volunteer rescue squad

Page 41


For all hours worked in a higher classification bargaining unit members temporarily assigned to work in a higher classification shall be paid at a rate, which is____above the bargaining unit members current rate.


Driver engineers temporarily assigned to work in a lower classification shall maintain their current rate

page 42


Should a vacancy occurs in the position of Lieutenant, BSO may fill the vacancy with an unassigned________prior to calling for overtime for the assignment. Should a vacancy occurs in the position of captain, BSO may fill the vacancy with an unassigned______prior to calling for overtime for the assignment.

Lieutenant or captain for both

Page 42


In the event that no captain is assigned to a multi company station:

The senior Lieutenant assigned to that station shall receive temporary upgrade pay for the assignment. Every effort will be made to fill vacancies with on duty personnel of the appropriate rank first.

Page 42


Bargaining unit members who are in the job classification of driver engineer or lower may work as a lieutenant if the minimum____years experience requirements are met.


Page 34?


The fire rescue department may determine and select up to___float drivers, per shift, by least seniority, to temporarily work as a firefighter or firefighter/paramedic.


Page 42


Temporary upgrades to the daily shift schedule that do not

cause overtime in a lower rank classification except to avoid mandatory overtime as specified in article 17

Page 42


Driver engineers will be utilized to operate the hazardous material tractor-trailer and technical rescue team tractor-trailer unless it would result in overtime in which case:

Any hazmat/TRT qualified firefighter who has a commercial drivers license (CDL) or has received similar training provided by the department of fire rescue, may be assigned to the tractor trailers.

Page 43


In an effort to reduce overtime expenditures and promote a positive working environment, the sheriff and the union agree to a______approach to overtime.

Joint labor/management

Overtime will be paid at the rate of 1.5 times a bargaining unit members regular rate of pay

Page 44


The seven day pay period begins:

Saturday at 12 AM and ends Friday at 11:59 PM the following week.

Page 44


You are not eligible for overtime during a:


Page 36?


After all normal procedures for calling overtime have been followed and should an overtime vacancy remain, the sheriff agrees to begin calling for mandatory overtime after___hour(s) prior to the shift change after utilizing the proper procedures and every reasonable effort has been made to fill the vacancy.

1 hr

Page 45


The sheriff has the right to deny compensatory time off and:

Pay overtime instead.

Page 45


Bargaining unit members may not carry accrued compensatory time for more than____pay periods from the pay period in which it was earned, at which time the bargaining unit number will be paid for the unused accrued compensatory time.


Page 45


Bargaining unit members may add or remove their name from a sign up list up to___hours prior to the start of shift.


Page 37?


For overtime purposes; the bargaining unit number will be allowed____minutes to call back prior to contacting the next qualified bargaining unit member on the overtime list.

2 mins

Page 38?


Only one minute will be allowed to call back prior to contacting the next qualified bargaining unit number for overtime if:?

A unit is out of service

A bargaining unit member needs to go home sick

A bargaining unit number is on mandatory hold over

Page 38


Bargaining unit members WILL be allowed to perform time swaps while:?

On an overtime assignment

Page 38


In an effort to prevent the utilization of mandatory overtime, and only after exhausting all measures available and prior to utilizing a mandatory assignment the sheriff shall be permitted to:?

Fill overtime assignment vacancies in an acting capacity

Page 38


The sheriff will make every reasonable effort to limit mandatory overtime to___hours when the mandatory overtime to be filled is a full shift.?


Page 38


When mandatory overtime is needed, management will schedule the mandatory overtime assignment at least____calendar days prior or as soon thereafter as possible. Any mandatory assignment on an official holiday will be paid at the rate of:?

Three days

Double time

Page 45


All bargaining unit members who have a change in rank or classification, for any reason (including but not limited to new employees, promotions, demotions, and mergers), will have their overtime our bank adjusted to:

The highest number of hours plus one hour of that specific job classification

Page 45


No bargaining unit number shall be permitted to work and overtime assignment while:

On approved to leave

Page 46


No bargaining unit member would normally be contacted to work an overtime assignment after working or are scheduled to work 48 consecutive hours, excluding:

Holdovers except for riot, extraordinary civil emergency or natural disaster's

Page 46


_____Will not be eligible to work overtime assignments of an operational fire/EMS nature.

Fire safety inspectors

Fire safety inspectors will only be eligible for fire inspector details

Page 46


Shift exchanges are not permitted for:

Probationary bargaining unit members unless there is prior written consent by the assistant chief or a higher rank.

Page 48


Shift exchanges must be approved by battalion chief with at least____hours advanced notice.

48 hours

Prior approval and the 48 hour notification may be waived by the battalion Chief.

Page 48


Shift exchanges may not be taken in order to engage in:

Outside employment

This provision maybe waved at the discretion of the fire chief or deputy chief

Page 48


Any bargaining unit members who abuses shift exchanges shall be subject to the loss of the right to exchange shifts for the period of:

One year
Any member of the bargaining unit who agrees to exchange and shift, but fails to report to work the agreed shift, shall be subject to disciplinary action

If you agree to a shift exchange but failed to report to work on the agreed shift due to illness you will have the equivalent number of hours missed deducted from his or her sick leave accrual, if the balance of your sick leave accrual is insufficient the member will have his or her salary deducted accordingly

Page 48


All members shall be permitted an early relief at the end of a shift up to____hours with the approval of the company officer.


Page 49


Fire units will be staffed with a minimum of___personnel


Composed of a captain or Lieutenant, a driver, and a firefighter

Page 50


Rescue units will be staffed with a minimum of___personnel composed of a supervisor captain or lieutenant and a minimum of one firefighter/paramedic.


Page 50


When air rescue is staffed with two or more personnel one shall be a:

Captain or lieutenant and a minimum of one firefighter/paramedic or one driver engineer.

Page 50


A multiunit station shall be defined as:

Two or more fully staffed fire and or rescue units housed in the same facility.

All firefighters will have a designated station commander

A captain will be assigned to all multiunit stations on each shift and a lieutenant will be assigned in all single unit stations on each shift as designated above with the exception of air rescue

Page 51


Station commanders will be responsible for:

Station inventory and all initial administrative processes pertaining to personnel assigned to their facility
Station commander's will be required to assume command of emergency operations upon their arrival at incidents navigate to their station compliment, or until superior operational officers arrive at larger incidents.

Page 51


The hazmat team will be staffed with a minimum of___personnel composed of:


One captain, one Lieutenant, two driver engineers, and three firefighter paramedics

Page 51


TRT will be staff with a minimum of___personnel composed of:


One captain, one Lieutenant, two driver engineers, and three firefighter paramedics

Page 51


Salary adjustment October 1, 2015

October 1, 2012

Effective the first full pay. After October 1, 2015 the sheriff will provide all bargaining unit members who are employed on the date of ratification of this agreement with a pay increase of 2% of the straight time base rate of pay, excluding incentives, supplemental, or any other pays

Page 43


Salary adjustment October 1, 2016

The sheriff will provide all bargaining unit members with a pay increase of 2% of the base time rate of pay effective:October 1 2016

Page 53


Bargaining unit members who possess a valid Florida state emergency medical certification and a valid Florida State firefighter certification shall be paid at a rate of_____above their straight time base rate of pay.


Page 53


Members who possess a valid Florida State paramedic certification and a valid Florida State firefighter certification shall be paid at a rate of____inclusive of EMT pay above their straight time base rate of pay.


Page 54


Members who currently possess a valid Florida State fire instructor certification and are assigned as a fire instructor shall be paid at a rate of____above their straight time base rate of pay.


Members who, as of September 30, 2003, received the supplemental pay will be grandfathered to receive the supplement, regardless of assignment, contingent upon the certification being maintained. Effective October 1, 2009 employees transitioned to the Broward sheriffs office will not be eligible to receive the supplement, unless they are assigned by BSO.

The same applies for the Certified Florida state fire inspector
Page 44


Members assigned to special operations units will be paid a supplement of:


Page 55


Members assigned as a self-contained breathing apparatus technician shall be paid a supplement of:


Page 55


Bargaining unit members assigned full-time to work a schedule other than 24/48 shall receive an alternate assignment pay adjustment of:


Page 55


Members are to receive ---hour of pay for each period of --- consecutive hours that they are assigned by the department executive director or designee to standby duty on weekends, weekdays, and holidays, which shall be paid at their straight base rate of pay

1 hour every 8 hours
Shall be compensated at four hours actually worked while on standby, if any, at their straight time base rate of pay or premium overtime rate, which ever is applicable, consistent with the overtime provisions

Page 55


Educational incentive will be added to the current straight time base rate of pay for employees holding the following degrees:

Florida State fire officer one or fire science certificate

Associates degree in fire science

Associates degree and government related field as approved by the department executive director

Bachelor of arts/science in any medical, fire, or government related field as approved by the department executive director

All of these are a 2.5% incentive pay

Page 56


No employee shall be entitled to receive more than a total of_____percent educational incentive pay.


Page 56


Bargaining unit members permanently assigned to the communications division shall be paid at a rate of____above their straight time base rate of pay.


Page 56


Incentive pay for being assigned to the airport:
Effective the first for pay. After October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017, bargaining unit members who hold a bid as airport back up personnel shall be paid at a rate of --% above their straight time base rate of pay
Effective the first for pay period After October 1, 2017 bargaining unit members who hold a bid as airport back up personnel shall be paid at a rate of ---% above the street time base rate of pay(inclusive of the initial ---% above their straight time base rate of pay.
Bargaining unit members permanently assigned to the airport shall be paid at a rate of --% above their straight time base rate of pay


Page 56


Incentive pay for being on an on duty ALS transport unit:


A partial hour at a minimum of 15 minutes shall be counted as one full hour for purposes of computation on an ALS transport unit

Page 56


Members permanently assigned to station 106 will receive a monthly supplement to their pay of:


Member station at 106 but not permanently assigned shall receive total reimbursement for toll expenses

Page 57


In regards to pay. What step will new bargaining unit members be hired at?

They will be hired at step A and will advance to step B following the completion of six months of employment. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the bargaining unit members shall be eligible to advance to step 1. Step A and step B are both 5% incremental increases.

Actual savings resulting from the reduced base hourly rates shall be contributed to the local 4321 Broward County professional paramedics and firefighters benefit fund annually on January 1

This funding will stop when the bargaining unit number advances to step one

Beach 47


Annual leave accrual for bargaining unit members on a 40 hour work schedule:

Less than five years =

5-13 years =

13 years or more =




Page 60


Annual leave accrual for bargaining unit members on a 48 hour work schedule:

Less than five years =

Five years-13 years =

13 years or more =

115.2 hours

172.8 hrs

230.4 hrs

Page 60


If a holiday occurs while a bargaining unit number is on annual leave, that person shall receive____of their scheduled pay period hours as a holiday bonus if assigned to 24/48 hour work schedule.


Page 60


Vacations are recognized to be intended for the purpose of:

Rejuvenating both physical and mental faculties, all unit numbers are urged to take advantage of this benefit on a yearly basis.

Page 61


The maximum of unused annual leave that may be carried over from one calendar year to the next shall not exceed a total of:

360 hours

The date for computation of excess leave for each year will be as of December 31 each calendar year.

Page 61


If you are within one year of retirement, or within one year of the effective date of drop participation, you may exceed 360 our annual leave To a max of:

596 hours of annual leave

A bargaining unit number must submit a written request at the time of his or her decision

If you do not drop or retire within the year of the anticipated drop/retirement date, you will retroactively forfeit the total number of hours the bargaining unit number was allowed to carry over above the bargaining unit members cap.

Page 61


At the time of drop election, you are eligible to be paid out____hours of annual leave. At the time of separation, you will be eligible to paid out a total of___annual leave hours.



Page 61


Annual leave bids will be accepted by the department of fire rescue from:

October 1 through December 1

For leave commencing any day consisting of February 1 through January 31 of the following year

Page 62


The current percentage of personnel allowed off in each rank per shift is as follows:

Battalion chief =

Captain =

Lieutenant =

Driver engineer =

Firefighter paramedic =




12%, 14% effective January 2018


Page 62


Leave requests after the bid will be approved on a:

First come first serve basis

Approve time off will be granted hour for hour unless the coverage requires an overtime cost, then a four hour minimum is required.
Leave requests less than 12 hours that require mandatory overtime shall be cancelled
Page 62


The duration of the first-round annual leave pics should be no less than:

One week and no more than four consecutive weeks.
Shall be prior to Nov 14

Page 63


The second round of annual leave pics will be in:

One week blocks with no restrictions
Shall be prior to Nov 30th
Once awarded annual bids may be canceled within a minimum of 72 hours notice

Should the annual bid be canceled the entire block must be canceled under any circumstances

Page 63


An employee who exhaust his or her sickleave may utilize:

Emergency annual leave to cover a continuing absence due to injury or illness

Page 63


Any member of the bargaining unit who is separated in good standing from service with the sheriff shall be compensated for all unused:

Unused accrued annual leave at the employees current base rate of pay at the time of separation.

Good standing will mean any bargaining unit member resigning or retiring with no charges pending

Page 63


Members of the bargaining unit scheduled to work 24 hour shifts shall accrue sickleave at the rate of:

9.6 hours per month

Members assigned a normal 40 hour work week will accrue sickleave at the rate of eight hours per month.

Page 64


Sickleave may be granted for the following purposes:

Personal illness or injury not connected with work

Personal medical dental or optical appointments, examination, or treatment which is necessary during working hours

Exposure to a contagious disease which would endanger others

Pregnancy and maternity leave

Family medical leave, family medical leave shall not exceed 48 hours in a calendar year for bargaining unit members on the 24/48 hour work schedule

Page 64


Members will be allowed to accrue an unlimited amount of:


Page 64


Members who have completed less than___years of service will not receive any sick leave compensation upon separation from the agency.

20 years

Page 65


Members in good standing who have completed at least 20 years of service receive upon separation____percent of their unused accumulated sick leave up to a maximum of____hours computed at the bargaining unit members current base rate of pay.


896 hours

Page 65


Members in good standing who have completed at least 25 years of service will be compensated a maximum of____hours of the bargaining unit members unused accumulated sick leave computed at___percent of the bargaining unit members current base rate of pay.

1160 hours


Page 66


A medical certificate signed by license Florida physician may be required by the executive director of fire rescue or designee to substantiate a request for sick leave when:

Five separate occurrences in a 12 month period

A supervisor suspects abuse of sick leave because of unusual circumstances or a developing pattern

Employee is denied annual leave and subsequently claims illness

Illness occurred while the bargaining unit member was on annual leave

An absence from duty due to illness in conjunction with the Kelly day

Page 66


Should it be discovered that the bargaining unit member is taking sick leave under false pretenses:

The time off shall be without pay

The member may also be subject to disciplinary action

Page 67


You must call out sick prior to_____hours.


Page 67


If you wish to return to work after you have already called out sick for that shift you may report to duty no earlier than___hours on that same shift and no later than____hours on that same shift provided you call the designated contact person no later than:



1.5 hrs prior to reporting time
Failure to report prior to 1830 will forfeit ability to report for duty

Page 67


You must submit a medical certificate for sickleave use:

Either immediately before or after vacation

Page 67


Unpaid sickleave may not exceed a period of____months without the approval of the executive director of fire rescue or designee.


Page 68


What members are not able to accrue bonus days?

Probationary members

Page 68


Designated holidays are as follows:

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King day

Memorial day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving day

Friday after Thanksgiving day

Christmas day

Two floating holidays

Page 69


Members who work on a designated holiday shall receive 1.5 times the regular rate of pay for actual hours worked on that holiday, plus____hours holiday bonus.

9.6 hrs

A member not on approved leave and fails to work his or her scheduled shifts occurring on the calendar day of a holiday forfeits the holiday bonus for that holiday. Sickleave shall not constitute approve leave for purposes of this article.

Page 70


A member working mandatory overtime on a holiday shall be compensated at the rate of:

Doubletime plus the holiday bonus

Page 70


Funeral leave of (1)24 hour shift with pay will be granted for absence from duty of a bargaining unit number in the event of death in:

His or her immediate family within the state of Florida

Or (2 )24 hour shifts with outside of the state of Florida

For members working a 40 hour work week three days will be granted in state, or five days will be granted outside of the state of Florida.

Page 70


For funeral leave; the bargaining units immediate family members shall be defined as:

Current spouse, father, mother, child, brother, sister, stepparent, step child, stepbrother, stepsister, grandparents, grandson, granddaughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or a registered domestic partner, or any relative who is domiciled in the employees household.

For the death of an individual not a relative domiciled in the bargaining unit members household, you may be granted up to two shifts of emergency annual leave if accrued or leave without pay if the member has no annual leave accumulated.

Page 71


Upon request of the Fire chief or deputy chief bargaining unit members shall provide____before compensation for funeral leave is approved and paid.

Sufficient proof of a death

Page 71


If you are subpoenaed to appear in court you will be compensated for such an appearance with a minimum of___hours.

Three hours at base rate or overtime if applicable

Page 71


If you are released from jury duty with no obligation to return, you will be given a maximum of____hours of the release to report to duty.

Two hours

Page 72


If you were injured on duty you will be entitled to disability leave with no loss and pay or benefits for the first____consecutive calendar days of disability and___percent pay for the following 12 month period or until the member returns to the essential duties of his position.





Light-duty assignment should be made only if there is a reasonable expectation that the bargaining unit members can return to work within___calendar days and maintain current paygrade. Extension request for light duty assignments will not exceed a total time of___years.



Page 73


Light duty assignments for injuries off the job shall not exceed a period of time of more than___year (S)


If you were injured off of the job and assigned to light duty you will not be eligible for the 2.5% alternate duty pay supplement during the term of your light duty assignment.

Page 74


Members will be considered totally disabled if he or she is:

Wholly prevented from rendering useful and efficient service as a firefighter or paramedic

Pg 75


A leave of absence without pay of up to___months maybe granted to a full-time non-probationary member for:?




Training or other personal good and sufficient reason and subject to the approval of the sheriff or his designee

page 78


Life insurance will be provided to members in the amount equal to:

One year base salary of the bargaining unit member

This cost shall be paid by BSO.

Paid 80


When you retire if you do not wish to participate in the BSO group health insurance benefit you can elect to receive:

A stipend equal to the amount paid by the sheriff utilizing the HMO premium rate at the time of separation. The level of coverage will be determined by the single or family coverage level maintained by the member for the 12 months directly preceeding retirement.

Page 64


Regarding insurance, retirees electing the monthly stipend may not reenroll in the BSO group health insurance at a future date.

Paid 81
The level of coverage, single or family will be determined by the single or family coverage level maintained for the 12 months directly proceeding retirement. If the employees level of coverage changed over the previous 12 months from the time of separation/retirement from Broward sheriffs office, The employee will only be eligible to receive a stipend equal to the premium amount paid by the sheriff as defined in section D above utilizing the lowest single coverage cost rate in place at the time of retirement


In the event that an active duty union member dies BSO will deduct____dollars from each bargaining unit members paycheck in the next pay period.


This will be payable in one lump sum to the bargaining unit members beneficiary, if no beneficiary exists no deductions will occur.

pg 86


Upon death of the eligible former bargaining unit member to the BSO group health insurance benefit:?

Benefits will cease

Any dependents enrolled under the bargaining unit member will be offered the BSO group health insurance benefit continuation of coverage at 100% of the premium cost

Page 67


Any employee hired after January 1, 2003 who allows their paramedic certification or their firefighting certification to expire:

Will be subject to termination of employment

Page 87


Any employee hired after January 2003 who is determined not to be able to perform the duties of a paramedic based upon reasonable determination by the medical director, shall lose:

The 12.5% certification pay

Employees hired before January 1, 2003 will be grandfathered in and will continue to receive such pay

Page 87


All reimbursements for continuing training will be subject to the amount available in the training division, not to be less than_____dollars per contract year.


Members will receive up to 60 hours per year with pay as educational leave to attend school conferences or seminars of a job-related education on that nature
Leave will be granted hour for hour with a four hour minimum and will include online classes that require mandatory time and date specific attendance/participation
Proof of required attendance such as the course syllabus, must be provided prior to leave approval. Educational leave ours are to be used on an annual basis and any unused hours are forfeited at the end of each calendar year

Page 90


Who shall have input in recommending standards and dress codes including selecting the appropriate logo/design for the uniform?

The joint labor management uniform committee
And the Josh committee
A minimum of three members appointed by the Fire Chief

page 91


Standard issue of uniforms will include:

Seven working uniforms consisting of seven workshirts five short sleeve and 2 longsleeve, seven cotton blend uniform pants

One work jacket

One class a uniform

Two jumpsuits

One pair black uniform shoes

One set raingear

One department approved head covering

One pair uniform shorts

Officers collar brass will be by utilization of the bugle rank system

Designated badges will be silver or gold for the appropriate rank (officers gold badge and collar brass)

One dress uniform (suit and cap) for bargaining unit members at the rank of lieutenant and above

As additional funding permits, Parade dress uniforms will be provided to the rank up driver engineer and firefighter. To be completed by fiscal year 2019
Name plates with appropriate insignia

Page 91


Combat uniform shall include at a minimum the following:

1)One firefighting helmet

2)One complete set of turnout gear (one additional set of AR FF turn out gear for all members assigned to work at the airport)

3)One S CBA personal facepiece

4)One personal flashlight

5)One personal stethoscope

6)One appropriate safety
7)One pair of extrication gloves

8) One pair of structural firefighting gloves

9) two protective hoods

Page 93


Regarding uniforms; the hazardous material team will be issued:

One Nomex flight suit

One pair of Nomex flight gloves

Pg 93


In regards to maintenance; members of the bargaining unit will not perform any



Or property maintenance

Page 97


Members with assigned take-home vehicles will be permitted one car wash:?

Per week at a BSO contracted car wash facility

Page 97


An employee assigned to a station location who is required to leave the station after reporting to duty for reassignment and uses his personal vehicle will be:

Reimbursed at the established sheriffs policy for use of said personal vehicle

Page 98


Members assigned to the airport coming off shift will be paid in quarter hour increments if dropped off to their personal vehicles after:

8:45 AM

Paid 99


If you lose your watch, hearing aids, corrective Eye wear, dentures or other approved items while on shift, there shall be a per occurrence limit of:


Total reimbursement shall not exceed $400 per calendar year per unit number

Page 100


You cannot be held personally liable in court unless:

Employee or agent acted in bad faith or with malicious purpose or any manner exhibiting wanton and willful disregard of human rights, safety or property

Page 101


The Josh committee stands for:

Joint occupational safety and health committee

Page 102


The Josh committee will be comprised of:

Three representatives and one alternate representative appointed by the union and three representatives and one alternate representative of the fire rescue department management and the sheriffs director of risk management or his designee.

One member will act as the chairperson. Chairpersons shall have a one year rotating term
Fire rescue administration will assign a staff person to serve as the recording secretary

Page 102


The Josh committee must meet at a minimum:
And unscheduled meeting maybe call by the

Quarterly per calendar year and at mutually agreed times
Chairperson, Union, or management

All meetings must have a quorum

A quorum constitutes two representatives from management and two representatives from the union

Page 102


Who investigates on duty vehicle accidents?

The crash review board

Page 84


When you get your special operations physical what information is released to fire rescue?

Only if you are qualified or not qualified for duty

All information shall remain personal and confidential unless otherwise authorized by the employee

Page 85


Employees assigned to light duty for up to____days shall not lose the special operations unit assignment pay.


Any employee leaving a special operations unit will have an exit physical within 60 days.

Page 86


The department will maintain up to___SWAT medic's:


Page 102


An employee receiving a performance evaluation from a supervisor may attach:

Any comments that they desire to the evaluation form
Page 111


The exclusive method of resolving disputes relating to the application and interpretation of the contract:


Page 112


All bargaining unit employees shall be subject to the:

Firefighters bill of rights

Page 112


Formal Grievance procedure:Prior to initiating a formal grievance, the employee must

Discuss the alleged grievance with their immediate supervisor outside the bargaining unit.

Page 112


The four step process of the grievance procedure:

Initial review

Department review

Sheriff review


Page 112


A written grievance form must be provided by the employee within____calendar days:


From the date the employee knew or should have known the events given rise to an alleged grievance.

Page 112


If a grievance goes to arbitration, the panel shall consist of___arbitrators.


Page 113


The decision of the arbitrator is:

Final and binding on both parties

Page 114


Three things must be provided on the grievance form:

Complete statement of the grievance and the facts upon which it is based

The section or sections of this agreement claim to have been violated

The remedy or correction requested

Page 115


The contract shall be effective through September 30, 2018.Negotiations for the new contract are to commence no later than______. Parties must meet to discuss negotiations___times per month.

April 1, 2018

Two times

Page 119


Should force be used or where a weapon is employed or injury is incurred, the incident must be documented on a:

Subject control report and forwarded to internal affairs within 24 hours.

Page 134


A_____will be convened for all internal affairs cases.

Bill of rights hearing

Page 131 D


Test review process

Candidates will have an opportunity to participate in a review session prior to the establishment of the promotional eligibility list and the assessment portion of the exam or practical portion of the exam if one is included
Candidates will be provided with their own individual test responses.
At the review session, Participants may fill out an item challenge form. Participants may fill out the form to identify issues related to items on the test. The bureau of human resources will review these forms and provide a response to the applicant. All challenges to items on the written examination must be presented during the review session. The bureau of human resources may seek expert advice and counsel of subject matter expert's, if necessary. All forms will be reviewed and the bureau of human resources will address the concerns and make a final determination, which shall be final and binding without any further recourse and it is not grievable


A bargaining unit member who becomes totally and permanently disabled in the line of duty, regardless of length of service, they retire from the service of the Broward sheriffs office if the bargaining unit member becomes totally and permanently disabled by reason of an on the job illness/injury when certified by----

by two physicians
Pg 75


Standard issue uniforms for fireboat personnel

1)5 marine style shirts
2) for marine style pants
3) One wide brim hat

Pg 94


Uniforms for airboat personnel

1)five marine style shirts (long or short sleeve at the numbers discretion)
2) One wide brim hat
Pg 94


The replacement of listed uniform items will be on an as needed basis as determined by

-The immediate supervisor (Battallion chief or above)
It is the sheriffs intent to immediately replace the items submitted for replacement after the item has been requested. However, should the item in question not be in stock at the time the item as requested, the department Shall immediately process the appropriate paperwork necessary to obtain the item and without delay provide an equivalent temporary replacement for any and all safety equipment.
-Replacements will be made in the field by appropriate personnel. Replacements shall be at no cost to the employee provided the employee files a proper procedures and was not negligent

Pg 95


In reference to Firestation quarters, the determination of whether serious safety and health hazards exist as well as what temporary arrangements, if any, are appropriate shall remain with the

Fire chief or deputy chief
Pg 96


Members of the bargaining unit will perform normal preventative vehicle maintenance including the following

1) checking battery water level if accessible and maintaining recommended operating level
2) checking engine oil level and maintaining at recommended operating level
3) checking fuel level and maintaining a practical and usable operating level
4)checking out transmission fluid, if accessible, and maintaining at recommended operating level
5)checking tire pressure and maintaining at recommended operating level
6)routine cleaning of vehicle
Pg 97


Members of the bargaining unit will promptly report to ------any deficiency in reference to maintenance checks of vehicles, or any other mechanical physical condition of the of vehicles or equipment requiring maintenance or repair

their immediate supervisor
Pg 97


Bargaining unit members permanently assigned to the airport fire station and/or airport back up members coming on shift to arrive at the airport fire station after 8 AM, due to Broward sheriffs office provided transportation the way shall be considered

On duty as of 8 AM and paid accordingly
Pg 99


Upon ---- days advance notice to the sheriffs office of the General Counsel, general counsel provided by the sheriff will be made available to a member of the bargaining unit, subpoenaed were summoned in connection with the members and employment , and those civil cases in which the sheriff or employee is a party or in the opinion of the executive director of the office of the General Counsel a potential party

three days
Pg 101


The Josh committee shall conduct meetings for the purpose of

Developing and making recommendations for implementing safety/health/wellness programs and shall monitor such programs for effectiveness


Fire rescue shall provide transport for all Josh meetings. The meeting agenda and complete and accurate minutes of each meeting will be made available electronically to all fire rescue personnel within

One week of the Josh meeting taking place
Pg 103