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What is Coping?

refers to “efforts to master, reduce, or tolerate the demands created by stress”.


What are some command coping patterns?

Giving up
Acting aggressively
Indulging yourself
Blaming yourself
Using defensive coping


Fill in the Blank
People may develop ________ – “passive behavior produced by exposure to unavoidable aversive events”.
Sometimes, could then be transferred to situations in which the person is not really helpless.
This then creates a passive reaction to stressful events, rather than active problem-solving.

Learned Helplessness


When people view aversive events as “out of their control”, feel helpless, and give up. this is?

Pessimistic explanatory style


Which coping strategy is associated with distress?

Behavioral disengagment


catastrophic thinking involves?

Attributing failures to personal shortcomings;
Focusing on negative feedback; and
Being overly pessimistic about the future.
This pattern perpetuates negative emotional reactions to stress.


Define: Defense Mechanisms

are “largely unconscious reactions that protect a person from unpleasant emotions such as anxiety and guilt”.


constructive coping reffers to?

efforts to deal with stressful events that are judged to be relatively healthful”.


What are the four thing constructive coping involves?

1. Confronting problems directly.
2. Effort.
3. Realistic appraisals of stress and coping resources.
4. Learning to recognize and manage disruptive emotional reactions to stress
5. Learning to exert some control over potentially harmful or destructive habitual behaviors


The three main categories of constructive coping are?



How is our appraisal (or beliefs about stressful events) is critical to the coping?

Negative appraisals (or beliefs) are often associated with catastrophic thinking, which exaggerates the magnitude of our problems.
Positive (realistic and/or optimistic) appraisals allow constructive coping.


Where does unrealistic negative appraisals stem from?

Unrealistic, negative appraisals stem from irrational assumptions we hold:
the I Must


Can Humor be used as a stress reducer?

Yes, Humor can lessen the negative impact of stress on mood for many reasons:
It creates a more positive appraisal
It increases positive emotions
It facilitates positive social interactions, which reduce stress


What are the four systematic problem-solving steps?

Clarify the problem.
Generate alternative courses of action.
Evaluation alternatives and select a course of action.
Take action while maintaining flexibility.


Emotional Intelligence is?

“the ability to perceive and express emotion, use emotions to facilitate thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate emotion”.


What are the four components or emotional intelligence?

1. Accurately perceiving emotions in yourself and others.
2. Knowing how your emotions shape your thinking.
3. An understanding of complex or contradictory emotions.
4. Regulation of emotions, especially negative ones.


What are the five stages of deal with death?

Stage 1: Denial
Stage 2: Anger
Stage 3: Bargaining
Stage 4: Depression
Stage 5: Acceptance


What are the four stages of the grieving process?

Stage 1: Denial
Stage 2: Anger
Stage 3: Bargaining
Stage 4: Depression
Stage 5: Acceptance


In what ways can you cop with loss?

Seek support while you are grieving.
Care for your own emotional needs while grieving.
Care for your own physical needs while grieving.
Be aware and plan for grief triggers.


who of the following is most likely to cope with stress effectively?
A. David, who consistently relieson the same coping strategy for daily hassles.
B. Tania, who is flexible in her coping strategies depending on the situation.
C. Ricardo, who relies on catharsis to "blow off steam."
D. Suzie, who engages iin defensive coping when the going gets tough.

B. Tania, who is flexible in her coping strategies depending on the situation.


Which of the following assertions is not supported by research on the cathartic effects of media violence?
A. Playing violent video gamesreleases pent-up hosility
B. Playing violent video games is related to decreased prosocial behavior
C. Exposure to media violenc desensitizes individuals to violent acts
D. Exposure to media violence encourages aggressive responses.

A. Playing violent video gamesreleases pent-up hosility


Richard feels sure that he failed his calculus exam and that he will have to retake the ourse. He is very upset. When he gets home, he orders a jumbo-side pizza and drinks two six-packs of beer. Richard's behavior illustrates which of the following coping strategies?
A. catastrophic thinking
B. Defensive coping
C. self-indulgence
D. positive reinterpretation

C. self-indulgence


Defense mechanisms involve the use of to guard against negative
A. self-deception, behaviors
B. self-deception, emotions
C. self-denial, emotions
D. self-denial, behavior

B. self-deception, emotions


Taylor and Brown found that normal people's self-images tend to be ______ depressed people's tend to be _____
A. Accurate, inaccurate
B. less favorable, more favorable
C. overly favorable, more realistic
D. more realistic, overly favorable

C. overly favorable, more realistic


According to Albert Ellis, people's emotional reactions to life events result mainly from:
A their arousal level at the time
B. thier beliefs about events
C. congruence between events and expectations
D. the consequences following events.

B. thier beliefs about events


Which of the following is not listed in your text as a cause of wasted time?
A. inability to set priorities
B. inability to work diligently
C. inability to delegate responsibility
D. inabiliity to throw things away

B. inability to work diligently


Wanda works at a software firm. Today her boss unfairly blmed her for the fact that a new program is way behind schedule. The unjustified public criticism really had an impact on Wanda. Later that evening, she went for a long run to get hher anger under control. Wanda is engaging in which category of coping?
A. Self-focused coping
B. appraisal-focused coping
C problem-focused coping
D. emotion-focused coping

D. emotion-focused coping


Research by James Pennebaker and his colleagues suggests that wellness is promoted by:
A. depending on moremature defense mechanisms
B. Strong self-criticism
C. writing about on's traumatic experiences
D. inhibiting the expression of anger

C. writing about on's traumatic experiences


Less anxiety about death is found among those who:
A. Feel they haven't accomplished all that they had hoped.
B. Have a particular religious affiliation
C. Have ambivalent religious views
D. Have a well-formulated philosophy of death

D. Have a well-formulated philosophy of death