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What do you see in a Anterior genu Lesion?

Akinetic mutism (patient doesnt move or talk)

tactile agnosia (cant sense things with touch)


What do you see with a Posterior Genu Lesion?

Alexia without agraphia: you can write but cant read)


What is another name for Receptive Aphasia?




Wernicke's Aphasia or Fluent aphasia or Sensory aphasia



what is another name for Expressive Aphasia?

What is the problem in expressive aphasia?

what other symptom can be seen with expressive aphasia?

Why does it happen?

How do you know if the lesion is not a motor/nerve problem?


  • Broca's aphasia or Motor aphasia or Non-Fluent aphasia
  • patient can't transform thoughts into words = talking the words out is difficult
  • contralateral weakness of lower face and arm 
  • because there is a left (usually) MCA occlusion 
  • because the patient can eat


how does conduction aphasia happen?

what will you see in conduction aphasia?

what can they do?

lesion of the arcuate fasciculus

difficulty with producing speech specially with repeating words or tasks

they can understand what is said to them


what causes transcortical sensory aphasia?

what cant patients do?

what can patients do?

damage near wernickes

they can't read, name or comprehend speech

are grammatically and speech fluent


What causes transcortical motor aphasia?


damage near Broca's (watershed area)



Why does Global aphasia happen?

what will patient have trouble doing?

what is this considered?

damage to both wernicke's and broca's

patients can't comprehend speech, can't produce speech

the worst aphasia


When is Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia transient?

when is it persistent with agraphia?

When the damage is only in those areas

when the damage includes adjacent areas as well as the underlying white matter


what is Somatoparaphrenia?

patient shows‘delusional’ misidentification, or confabulation, with regards to the affected limb


("thats not my arm, but shes wearing my ring")


what is Asomatognosia?

what may cause it?


  • not perceiving one side of the body (or ignoring a part of the body)
  • neglect or paralysis of limb


for broca's or wernecke's aphasia, damage would have to occur on which hemisphere?

on the dominant hemisphere...usually left


say yes or no in each part of the table 


  1. what is visual agnosia?
  2. what is color agnosia?
  3. what is tactile agnosia?
  4. what is movement agnosia?
  5. what is anosognosia?
  6. what is autotopagnosia agnosia?
  7. what is statognosis?
  8. what is astereognosis? 
  9. what is auditory agnosia?
  10. what is prosopagnosia?

  1. cant recognize an object visually
  2. cant name or distinguish colors
  3. cant recognize an object by touching it with either hand
  4. can't determine objects that are static or moving
  5. can't recognize that you have a disease
  6. can't recognize a part of your own body
  7. can't recognize spatial positioning of body parts
  8. tactile agnosia but in both arms
  9. cant recognize speech, animal sounds, mechanical sounds
  10. can't recognize faces


what do you call wernicke's in the non-dominant hemisphere?

what will we see in wernicke's of the non-dominant hemisphere?



receptive dysprosody


loss of comprehension of emotion

(cant understand emotion from text)


what is broca's in a non-dominant hemisphere called?

what will you see in a patient with this?

expressive dysprosody

loss of use of emotion in speech


what is this an example of?



what is this an example of?

contructional apraxia 


what is this an example of?

contructional apraxia with neglect


what is constructional apraxia?

cannot reproduce an image 


what is neglect?

not recognizing an area of space