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what are the commissural fibers?

connects the two hemispheres


what makes up the commissural fibers?

corpus callosum

anterior commissure

posterior commissure



what are the association fibers?

connections in the same hemisphere


association fibers will divide into what 2 types?

Also, what will they connect?

1) short: connects adjacent gyri (arcuate fibers)

2) long: connects different lobes


what are the major associations fibers? what will each connect?

  1. superior longitudinal fasciculus: connects frontal, parietal, occipital lobes
  2. arcuate fasciculus: connects the temporal lobe, also Wernicke's and Broca's
  3. Cingulum: connects cingulate gyrus to other limbic structures


what are projection fibers?

what is another name for these?

fibers that ascend or descend to brainstem or spinal cord


also called subcortical


what are the 2 types of projection fibers? in which direction do they go?

which is sensory and motor?

  1. coriticopetal: towards the cortex
  • sensory

    2. corticofugal: from the cortex

  • motor


what are the 4 examples of corticofugal (type of projection fiber) fibers?

which ones are the only that go anterior?

which one goes posterior?

1) Corticospinal to spinal nerves

2) Corticobulbar/nuclear to cranial nerves

3) Corticostriate and Corticopontine

4)  extrapyramidal tracts (corticorubral)


Corticostriate and cortipontine; corticospinal and corticobulbar go through the anterior limb

extrapyramidal tracts go through the posterior limb


what type of neurons use the coriticopedal type of projection fibers?

3rd order neurons from the VPL and VPM that are going to the cortex

 on their way they go through the posterior limb 


what are the parts of the corpus callosum?


which fiber connects Broca's to Wernicke's?

arcuate fasciculus