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radiofrequency ablation is used for what condition?

what are the most common types fo headaches?

this type of migrane presents with an aura?

this type of migrane presents without an aura?

ppl with migranes could also experience these symptoms before a migrane onset...


trigeminal neuralgia

tension and migranes

classic migrane

common migrane

light/sound sensitivity, and vision changes (flashes of light, blurred)


Migraines typically have four stages:

  1. Prodrome: symptoms occuring 1-2 days before the attack
  2. Aura:  Visual most = Scintillating scotoma (curved blind spot)

  3. Attack: 4-72 hours

  4. Postdrome:  1-2 days, feeling drained/exhausted.


Common Migrane headaches are present at least how many days a month?

for how many months?


how many days do migranes have to occur to be considered  episodic migranes ?

more than 15 

3 months


less than 15


Coital migraines:


occur more on which sex?

the onset occurs when?

is very similar to what other disease?

what are its 3 presentations?


at orgasm

subarachnoid hemmorrhage

  1. Early = pain increases proportional to excitation

  2. Orgasmi = at orgasm

  3. late = after orgasm


Temporal arteritis occurs do to what?

what symptoms does it present with?

happens on which sex most commonly?

what is another name for this? when is it called this?

can cause what?

inflammation of large blood vessels

Tender scalp and pain with chewing


Giant cell arteritis

when it affects neck, shoulder, upper arms



what are Cluster headaches?

some symptoms are?

what helps reduce the pain?


group of headaches with pain over 1 eye, everyday at the same time in the same location

droopy eyelid, red eye

walking around



what is Hemicranium continua?

how do you treat?

similar to cluster headache but with higher frequency of attacks with shorter duration




what are Tension headaches?


what do you treat?


how do you treat chronic tension headaches?

headache caused by stress, fatigue, dehydration, bad posture, hunger






what is New Onset Persistent Daily headache?



lasts how long?

similar to chronic migraine or tension headaches but it doesnt go away




what is Complex regional pain syndrome?


what is another name for this?

Burning pain and hypersensitivity to temperature in affected areas, resulting from trauma or nerve damage.


RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy


an example of Post stroke chronic pain?

another name for this is?

what part of the body does it affect?

how does it present?

Thalamic Pain Syndrome

(Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome)

Pain affecting contralateral side of body

Occurs some time (weeks-month) after the initial infarct/damage to thalamus. numbness first, then pain