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What is the topic split up into?

1). Domestic division of labour.

2). Are couples becoming more equal?

3). Resources and decision making.

4). Domestic violence.


Which 3 sociologists discuss the domestic division of labour?

1. Parsons (functionalism).

2. Bott ('march of progress') --> joint and segregated conjugal roles.

3. Young and Willmott ('march of progress') --> symmetrical family.


How does Parsons describe the domestic division of labour?

Instrumental and expressive roles =

- Men have an instrumental role --> breadwinner.

- Women have an expressive role --> homemaker/housewife.


Do the New Right agree with Parsons?


they agree this is natural and the most beneficial way of organising family life.


How do feminists reject the functionalist view?

This division of labour isn't natural (it isn't found in all societies) and it only benefits men.


Who takes a 'march of progress' view towards the domestic division of labour?

1). Botts = sees conjugal roles becoming more equal.

Identifies 2 types of conjugal roles;

- Segregated conjugal roles.
- Joint conjugal roles.

2). Young and Willmott = the symmetrical family.


What are segregated/joint conjugal roles?

- Segregated =

separate roles --> sharp division of labour between male breadwinner and female homemaker.

- Joint =

couples sharing domestic tasks and leisure time.


What did Young and Willmott say about roles within the family?

Long-term trend towards joint conjugal roles and the symmetrical family (roles are being shared).

- Domestic roles =

becoming more equal - men help with housework and childcare.

- Paid work =

women now go out to work.

- Leisure time =

couples spend leisure time together.


What are the reasons for the rise in the symmetrical family?

Its due to major social change during the 20th Century, e.g.

- Higher living standards.

- Labour-saving technology.

- Better housing.

- Women working.