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Fx of our dog

- lateral condylar fx
- ulna more medial than radius
- physeal articular fx
- articualr fx so need compression to stop callous formationi
- anti-rotational K wire


Dog RTA pelvis



HOW DEOS TX OF CALCANEAL fx differ in adukt and young horses?

- engage radius in aadult
- not in young growing animal


What is wedging?

- conformation of the tarsal bone that predisposes fx


Typical presentation of tarsal fx?

- lamess pre-fx
- tx steroids to try and train through it
- acute onset severe lamess
- 48hrs will become much sounder
6 week box rest, 6 weeks walking excercise
- might look worse but be sound
- put back into training


Tarso-crural luxation

- lateral malleolus fx
- medial collateral lig gone (instbaility of tasus will remain)
- another thing on the lateral aspect gone too
- ESF needed to allow fibrous repair


What level of apposition is needed for conervative tx?

- 90% (wil say 50%)


HOw can cat and dog rads be differeniated?

- straight femur
- tear drop shaped patella


SHape of femoral physis?

W shaped
- use pins/K wires
- in young animal can remove at 3-4weeks to allow growth


4 As when looking at post-op?

alignment apposition (only for physeal fx) activity apparatus


Risk of fixinf femoral head fx

apple coring
- loss of blood supply to femoral head


How can GA be avoided for fx repair?

Standing lag screw placement