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What is the basis of physiotherapy?

- physical techniques with a direct impact on healing tissues
- excercises that promote proprioceptive learning


Types of physiotherapy?

> massage
- pain reliefe, mobility, preventative in atheletes
> cryotherapy
- affect vasculature and nerves directly, can be used in non-ambulatory patients for acute inflammation, tx ~20mins
> thermotherapy
- affects vasc and nerves directly
- NOT for acute phase! only once initial swelling decreased
- passive ROM (anagesia? sedation? relax animal, single joint flexed and extended, or whoe group [functional pattern] 15-20x BID-QID
- active assisted ROM (once paient can walk, +- hydrotheray, manually assist limb to ^ ROM, change excercise to encourage)
> Stretching
- taking joint past ROM to oppose shortening of tissues and break down fibrosis and adhesion (15secs then relese)
- prolonged static stretching useing casts, splint or bandage
- ballistic stretching (bouncing, hard to control, painful, risk of injury)
> Electrotherapy, laser and ultrasound


How does massage work?

- ^ ciculation and lymphatic flow
- relaxation and relese of endorphins
- pain relef
- direct activation of neuropeptide release in nervous system


Types of massage?

- stroking
- effleurage
- compression and wringing (petrissage)
- percussion (specifc attention to spasmic nodules)


Methods of cryotherapy?

- plastic bag with ice
- cryogel packs
- vappour collant
> 20 min tx, monitor for frostbite!!


Use of ultrasound for physiotherapy?

- heating effect of deep tissues
- like a microwave
- direct effect hard to monior
- short tx (~10mins)
- useful for soft tissue shortening, subacute and chornic inflammation and pain
- eg. tendonitis, bursitis, joint contrcture, mm pain and spasm


Use of electrical stimulation for physio?

- NMES = neuromuscular electrostimulation
- current applied to patient depolarises motor nerve -> contrction
- ^ muscle mass, strength and oxidative capacity
- analgesic ?


Laser tx for physio?

- least evidence
- claimed to work on vasodilation, pain and tissue regeneration d/t heating and direct photostimulation
- difficult to monitor how far effect penetrates skin


How is proprioceptive training used for physio?

> key to all physio
> eg:
- weight shifting
- manual unloading of one limb
- balance boards
- ecercise balls
- gait training
- leash walking - slow
- inclines and declines
- change of surface
- sairs
0 treadmills
- dnacing
- sit to stand
- horizontal bars
- pole weaving


Use of hydrotherapy for physio?

- free swimming/assisted swimming/under water treadmill/walking in water
- do not overexcercise at beginining of tx
- make sure limbs make a proper gait cycle
- minimised impact loads across joints (resistive forces are vicosity, riction and turbulence - spread across a larger area so less detrimental)


Who does physiotherapy?

- nurses and vets with specifc experience and training
- qualified human physios with cnversion qualification