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People with delusional disorder -do they have hallucinations or thought disorder?

No; just a crystallized, often single delusion


Define Capgras delusion

a delusion that someone has been replaced by an imposter


Define Fregoli delusion

a delusion that different ppl are in fact a single person who changes appearances or is in disguise


Define vampirism and lycanthropy

vampirism -belief that one is a vampire
lycanthropy -belief that one is a werewolf


What is folie a deux/shared delusion disorder?

syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another


What is cotard's delusion?

delusion that one is dad, do not exist, missing organs


What is depersonalization-derealization disorder?

feeling disconnected from one's physicality, feeling as though one is not completely occupying the body, not feeling in control of one's speech or phsyical movements.


cathinones are in designer drugs... They have similar effects to?

amphetamine and cocaine


What is krokodil?

heroin-like drug that rots flesh, bone.


What is Morgellons?

aka delusional parasitosis
-somatic delusion/paranoid delusion
-pt believes they are infested, can see and often see or feel parasites in or on them.


What is erotomanic delusions?

affected person believes that another person, usu a stranger of high status is in love with him or her. Stalking in these circumstances is delusional