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What's the recommended way to dispose of meds?

Using a "take-back" program


In the absence of a "take-back " program, how should meds be disposed?

Mix unwanted drugs with unpalatable substances and place in a non-descript container before discarding in trash (unless rx instruction says to flush)


What list of meds can be acceptable to flush?

Certain controlled drugs

They often have a label instructing pts to flush if no longer needed


How do u instruct pt to discard meds?

Don't flush med down the toilet, unless the label specifically instructs you to do so


What unwanted meds are pharmacies involved in taking back?

Pharmacies have the ability to take back all meds, OTC and Rx, EXCEPT Controlled substances


If pt wants to return controlled subst, where can be do that?

Pt can only return CS to law enforcement only


If a pharmacy is involved in take back meds, how should the staff be involved? Storage of take back meds?

Drugs should NOT be reviewed by staff at collection site. Pt should deposit the drugs themselves

Drugs that are collected should be SEPARATED from their containers by pts B4 being placed in collection bin (this reduced disposal cost bcuz containers will not be part of the pharmaceutical waste)


How should the take back container be locked?

There are 2 separate locks on the secured collection bin

1st key with the pharmacist; 2nd keep with waste hauler

This is to make sure that both parties are present when bin is opened


What may pharmacies that don't participate in "take back" offer?

They may offer services for disposal by mail, including the common "takeaway" mailers


What meds are "takeaway" mailers used for?

Rx (not CS) and OTC


T/F? Some communities have locked boxes for CONTROLLED drugs (drug name must be visible, but no pt info)



If a pharmacy doesn't participate in either "take back" or "take away" programs, what should they instruct their pts to do?

Instruct pts to follow local guidelines for HOME HAZARDOUS WASTE (HMW) Collection


List procedures if HHW collection instruct pts to trash meds

Keep in ORIGINAL container; Scratch or mark-out the pt info on label

Place some water into solid meds. Then add something unpalatable such as sawdust, kitty litter, charcoal, comet or powdered spice

Close and seal container by wrapping in multiple layers of duct tape

Place med in container that doesn't show whats inside

Place in trash close to garbage pickup time


List options for safe syringe disposal

Drop box or Supervised collection sites

Mail-back programs

Syringe Exchange Program (SEP)

At-home needle destruction devices


What's used needle-syringe safety tips?

Throw entire needle/syringe assembly into red plastic sharps container

Dispose used needles IMMEDIATELY, without re-capping

Never compress or "push down" on the contents of any sharps container


Look at the list of FDA approved drugs for flushing on Pg 234

All CS

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