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How do oral contraceptives lead to liver dz?

bland cholestasis, estrogen decreases membraine fluidity, decrease Na/K ATPase activity and bile salt transoprt


What are the liver comlications of oral contra?

hepatic vein thrombosis (budd chiari)
peliosis hepatis (blood lake)
focal nodular hyperplasia


what is the relationship between acetominophen and etoh?

etoh decreases glutathione and increases p450. there is an increase in toxic metabolites of aceto. as little at 2.5-4 gm may be toxic in alcoholics


how to use p450 levels to differentiate between alcoholic liver dz and other causes of liver dz?

other causes typically have reduced, p450 . not increased


what is given to pts suspected of tylenol overdose



how does amiodarone present histologically in liver dz

looks like steatosis but actually myelin-like figures