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Where is the majority of the liver blood flow coming from

portal vein (including splenic vein and planchnic circulation)


describe the pathway from development of cirrhosis to esophageal varices

cirrhosis, shunting, collaterals develop, hormones released from collaterals into circulation that shouldn't be there, leads to increased blood flow, leads to varices


why are varices a major cause of death in portal htn

under high pressure, increase every year there is thrombocytopenia and coagulopathy


how do we tx encephalopathy

volume resuscitation, correction of coagulopathy, splanchnic vasoconstriction, decresaed blood flow to stomach and intestines, decrease blood flow via collaterals


what is the rx tx for portal htn

somatostatin, block vasodilators


how do b-blockers aid in esophageal varices tx?

they decrease collateral bloodflow


how does ascites develop

increased resistance to portal venous flow, increased flow to portal vein, increased lymphatic flow, leaked of lymphatic flow from liver and intestines,


how is the kidney helping in causing ascites?

decreased renal perfusion leads to renal vasconst, this increases RAS, increasing Na reabsorption


what is spontaneous bacterial peritonitis?

large amt of undrained fluid from low protein ascites and low complement, transient bacteremia then infects ascites