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What is a curved root tip called? What is it called when there is apical expansion of the root?




What is the first step when extracting a single rooted tooth?

Severe epithelial attachment with #11 or 15c blade and enter periodontal space


In which species should you try to always suture an extraction site?



How are multi-rooted teeth simply (i.e. not surgically) extracted?

Section tooth at furcation of roots 

Elevate and remove each root segment individually 


What is the first step in surgical tooth extraction?

Creating a buccal mucoperiosteal flap (either envelope or single pedicle flap)


When making a flap for a canine root extraction, where do you begin your incision?

At diastema 


What is an important landmark when removing the entire lateral alveolar bone?

Apex of the root


What is the most significant cause of suture failure after closing the gingiva?



What part of the flap do you suture/secure first?



How long should a dog not get any crunchy food after a gingival flap placement?

10-14 days


What are causes of oronasal fistulas in dogs?

Dental disease and extractions

Pressure necrosis from foreign body

Complications (surgery, radiation therapy, hyperhermia therapy)

Trauma (electrical cord burns, bites wounds)


Why do you need to monitor a cat for respiratory concerns after an electrical burn?

Pulmonary edema can occur


What technique do you use if you cannot use a two layer technique for closing an acute oronasal fistula?

Single pedicle advancement flap



What type of closure is indicated for congenital defects and chronic oronasal fistulas where the oral mucoperiosteum has healed to the nasal mucosa? From where does the flap get its blood supply?

Double flap technique 

Nasal mucosa


What are the salvage techniques for animals with uncorrectable palate defects?

Intraoral appliances: Acrylic device or Nasal Septal buttons


What is the most common location for jaw fractures in cats?

Symphysis and ramus


What is the most important consideration when repairing jaw fractures? What else is important?

Maintaining occlusion

Minimize soft tissue disruption

Put fixation on the tension side of the bone (the dental arcade)

Avoid placing implants through tooth roots


What techniques can you use to avoid having to extubate and re-intubate during jaw repair?

Intramandibular intubation

Pharyngotracheal intubation

Temporary techeostomy


What is indicated to maintain occlusion while a simple, minimally displaced, stable jaw fracture heals?

Tape muzzle


What is the best way to repair a symphuseal separation in cats?

Circummandibular cerclage pass wire through skin and under oral mucosa/gingiva as much as possble 


What is the triad of injuries seen with High Rise Syndrome?

1. Oral/facial trauma

2. Fractures/dislocations of forelimbs

3. Thoracic trauma


When is treatment not needed for a hard palate fracture?

When the fracture is closed and occlusion is ok


What is the best technique for mandibular fracture stabilization? What does it require?

Composite Resin Intraoral splint

Adequate tooth surface (enough teeth) to secure material


Why is composit resin preferred to arylic material for making intraoral splints?

Aryclics are exothermic 


What is the most common error made when placing external fixators?

Drilling through/hitting the tooth roots


What fixation technique would be best for complex unstable fractures where occlusion has been lost? What is important to communicate to the owner adn ensure the owner is prepared for?

Interarcade wiring

Must provide instructions for emergency removal, and tell them to remove if they suspect the dog may vomit to prevent aspiration


What do you do to prevent stress on your suture site after a rostral partial mandibulectomy?

Place supportive sutures, can drill holes in jaw to help keep in place

Also suture lip higher than before 


What are your differentials when the vertical ramus is stuck lateral to the zygomatic arch when the mouth is fully opened?

TMJ luxation

Intermittent open mouth jaw locking


What are the surgical treatment options for intermittent open mouth jaw luxation?

Excise portion of ventral border of zygomatic arch


Excise dorsal portion of the ramus 


Why is surture reconstruction ineffective for a lower lip avulsion? What can you do to repair this type of avulsion?

Heavy lower lip

Place interdental stent sutures first and then suture mucogingical junction