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Which endoparasite causes a distended abdomen, stunted growth, coughing and diarrhoea in puppies??

Toxocara canis


What are the clinical signs of a Ctenocephalides infection?? (flea)

- Scratching, biting at coat irritated, skin twitching or hair loss
- Anemia, self inflicted wounds, lesions (FIA)


What are the clinical signs of a Sarcoptes Scabiei infection??

- Hair loss , red open sores
- Red puritic skin hair loss on feet, limbs then on trunk of body in more severe cases
- change in pigment over time, puss nodules in humans


What might happen to a human should he or she get an infection of the Echinococcus Granulosus worm??

Hydatic cysts on lungs and liver

Drain cyst then surgically remove cyst Anthelmintics may be subscribed

Passed from eating uncooked meat, awful or dogs scavenging from dead sheep


You have been asked to advise an owner on the control of Dypylidium Canium. What advice would you give them??

-Regular worming of dog plus treat for fleas
- puppy's wormed from 2weeks of age
- wormed with an Anthelmintic
- Treat for fleas and tapeworm


How can you tell the difference between Ctenocephalides Felis and Ctenocephalides Canis and which one is most prevalent in cats and dogs??

Felis = Slanted head, comb (moustache)

Canis = Rounded body, shorter front legs


Describe the mode of transmission of Dipylidium caninum??

- Eggs are passed in feaces
- Flea larvey eat fecal matter then turn into adults
- Flea finds host, bites host causing irritation host will consume flea containing tapeworm
- Tapeworm would then be released into hosts (SI) tape worm matures here


Describe the size structure and appearance of Chlorella phrenology dosa??

Size- uni cellular- nm (single cell) - Algae- 5-20nm

Thin cellulose wall cell membrane- holds the cytoplasm

Has chloroplast = absorbed sun light uses sunlight plus water and co2 to produce food for its self


Describe the size structure and appearance of Microsporum Canis ?

Size - 3-9cm with Leison -- fungal spores ( Microconidia) 5-15 cells wide

From the Dermatophyte Groupe, produces fungal spores Microconidia
Produces Hyphae tiny tubles filled with cytoplasm and several neucli.

Microsporum canis causes Ringworm


Describe the Size, Structure and appearance of Parvo Virus??

Parvo virus is Icosandreal shaped - 20nm in size

Has a genetic core called 'Genome' this is protected by the 'Capsid'

Capsid is made up of protein sub units- sub units are called 'Capsometers'

Viruses on the whole are 20-300nm , viruses are the smallest of all micro organisms


Describe the size structure and appearance of Bacterio micro organism?

Size- o.5-5 nm

Stap Aureus = Gram positive + Cocci looks like a bunch of grapes under Microscope

DNA molecule at the centre, no nuclear membrane, DNA is surrounded by cytoplasm.

Has a cell wall + capsule, Dosent have a flagellum (tail) not mobile can't move


Describe the size, structure and appearance of Toxoplasma Gondii?

Protozoan parasite - 10-20 um in size, uni cellular (singel cell) very similar to animal cells.

Has a double membrane on its nucleus, nucleus is surrounded by cytoplasm.

The space in the cytoplasm is called a vacuole used as a food store