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What's a normal amount of urine production?

Cats , Dogs and horses all produce 1-2ml of urine per hour which is effectively 24/48 mls a day


In avian species why can urine analysis be difficult ?

Bird must be houses separately, it can be difficult to separate urine from fecal matter


Urine should be collected in the morning why?

Sample is more concentrated, more likely to highlight bacterial content , evidence of crystals and other parameters

May have an effect on interpretation of specific gravity and hydration status


What is specific gravity ?

Testing specific gravity with a refractometer Indicated the concentrating ability of of the animals kidney


What do you use to collect a urine sample?

-Universal containers

- Bacteriology sample - boric acid container will be provided preserves the bacteria

- katkor litter for cat sample


What is the normal SG for a Canine ?

1:015 - 1:045


What is the normal SG range for a Feline?

1:035 - 1:060


What is the normal SG for an Equine?

1:020 - 1:050


Symptoms of elevated SG levels?

- Dehydration
- Acute renal failure
- Diabetes mellitus
- shock
- sediment
- Haemorrhage

Elevated SG means concentrated urine


Symptoms of Decreased SG ??

- Polydipsia
- Chronic renal failure
- Diabetes insipidus
- Cortico-steroid treatment
- pyometra

Decreased SG means urine is less concentrated


Urine sampling is of significant diagnostic value why?

- Several methods of collection, results are easily indicative of abnormalities less stressful for birds