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Explain gram positive cells ?

Thick walls with lipid gram positive cells retain dye stain purple


Explain Staphlococus Albus?

Gram positive retains dye looks like a bunch of grapes , occus


Explain Eschericha Coli?

Gram negative , rod shaped Dosent retain dye


Explain Tetanus?

Caused by the gram positive bacteria colostridium tetani - Occurs through deep wounds or cuts

Treatment - Supportive care , antibiotic therapy and muscle relaxants and immunisation as preventative


Explain gram negative cells ?

Walls much thinner with two layers no not retain the coloured stain

Gram negs are more resistant to antibiotics


Explain Tetanus ?

Caused by a gram positive bacteria Colostridium tetani

Occurs through deep wounds or cuts

Treatment - supportive care , antibiotic therapy and muscle relaxants , immunisation as a preventative


Explain Salmonella ?

Zoonotic bacteria not host specific , shed in feaces found in the intestines of mammals, birds, reptiles - Stress is a common factor.

Humans get it from contaminated food and water

-Causes acute vomiting + diahorrhea

Gram negative - Rod shaped Stains PINK/RED


Explain leishmaniasis?

Protozoan Parasite

- Transmitted by Phlebotomine sand fly, Pets traveling abroad are at greater risk.

Transmitted by infected saliva from sand fly Leishmania is passed by fly biting an infected animal then biting a healthy animal

-- Caused poor wound healing , dermatitis poor body condition , ulcers on the skin , enlarged liver fever and weight loss

-- No vaccine available can give Anti protazoal drugs , supportive treatment,

Protazoan parasite is in flies saliva , Treat with leish guard


Explain Toxoplasma Gondii?

Protozoan Parasite, she'd in feaces of cats for 10 days cat stops shedding becoming immune cats are asymptomatic

Eggs become infectious after 3 days


Clinical signs of Toxoplasma Gondii ?

- Flu like symptoms in humans
- can cause abortion or abnormalities in Prego women, miscarriage

- Abortion in Ewes
- Can cause legions in immunocompromised

Prevention - wear gloves , wash hands, cook meat, stay away fro, lambs and cat feaces if Prego, prevent cat from hunting


What colour do Gram positive cells stain?

Stain purple


What colour do Gram negative cells stain?

Gram negative can be de-colourarised to accept counter stain reddish/pink


What shape are Bacilli?

Rod shaped


What shape are cocci?

Circles - 2 types