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In which part of the body to the toxocara canis eggs hatch??

In the Duodenum then follow two distinct migratory pathways = Trachea or somatic


What happens to the toxocara larva once they reach the lungs of a dog????

Maturation to L3 takes place they ascend to respiratory track via avioli , bronchioles and trachea they are coughed up from the lungs them swallowed into the digestive system


Which type of migration dose most of the larva in young puppies undergo??

Tracheal migration as they are coughed up from lungs and then swallowed to continue the migration stage


When do larva that have ended up dormant in the muscle tissue become active again??

After six weeks of gestation dormant larvey renter the circulation across the placenta to develop in puppy's


Where do Lara that move by somatic migration usually end up??

Penetrate duodenal wall remain in blood then penetrate they are distributed through tissues - tracheal route in adults to the intestines


How do larva from the bitch enter the puppies during pregnancy??

Passed to suckling pup via the milk and develope directly to adults worms in puppy's intestines picked up from environment and intermediate host by mother


Please explain what Ocular larva migrans is?

The presence of larva in the eye can cause blindness


Please explains why it is quite easy for people to ingest toxocara eggs??

They can survive in the environment for years on coat of pets,toys or food that humans ingest eggs are sticky


How many Irish school children are suspects of suffering from ocular larval migrans??

1 in 10,000


Name two treatments for roundworm ( Including toxocara canis) in dogs??

Advocate or coronal


How do tapeworms attach to the intestines of animals?

The scolex (head) attaches to intestinal mucosa adult tapeworm developes


What are the clinical signs of a tapeworm infestation in dogs and cats??

Motile segments on coat, anal irritation intestinal disturbance in heavy infections


One intermediate host for Dipylidium caninum??



How should Dipylidium caninum be treated??

PrZequantel kills worms + flea treatment


Name two Taenia species that effect the dog and have the rabbit as their intermediate host??

- Tania Pisiformis
- Tania Serialis


Explain how you prevent a dog from getting these species of tapeworm??

Don't allow them to hunt or consume under cooked meat


In which part of the U.K. Is a dog more likely to get Echinococcus??



Name 3 intermediate hosts for Echinococcus??

- Cows
- sheep
- pigs


Name the tapeworm species which is not in the UK but is zoonotic ??

E. Multllocularis


How long dose it take for a toxocara canis egg to become infective??

2 weeks they first have to undergo a maturation stage