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What is wellness?

The dynamic balance among the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of a person's life.


What is holism?

Acknowledges the interaction of a person's mind, body, and spirit within the environment.


What is health promotion?

Focuses on lifestyle choices to prevent illness and strives toward high-level wellness.


What is the clinical model?

Health is the absence of signs and symptoms of disease or injury.


What is the health belief model?

Health is the result of the relationship between a person's beliefs and actions. (High-level Wellness Model and Holistic Health Model)


What is the high-level wellness model?

Health is an ongoing process toward a person's highest potential of functioning.


What is the holistic health model?

Acknowledges and respects the interaction of a person's mind, body, and spirit within the environment.


What is Allopathic (Western) Medicine?

Equates disease with failure, either of medicine or of the person.


What is Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Includes therapies such as mind-body interventions (meditation, biofeedback, imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, ti chi), traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, massage, qi gong), and botanicals.


What is Integrative Healthcare?

Healthcare that takes into account the body, mind, spirit, community, and lifestyle of the individual, emphasizing the therapeutic relationship and making use of all appropriate conventional and therapeutic therapies.


What is a continuum of nursing involvement in CAM?

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)


What are categories of CAM modalities?

-Alternative medical systems
-Mind-body interventions
-Biologically based therapies


What are alternative medical systems?

Complete systems of theory and practice such as Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine.


What are mind-body interventions?

Techniques to facilitate the positive influence of the intimate mind-body connection such as meditation, imagery, dance, music, art therapy, and prayer.


What are biologicaly based therapies?

Practices, products, and interventions that are natural and biologically based, such as use of herbs or biologics (e.g. bee pollen)


What are Manipulative and body-based methods?

Methods that involve manipulation of movement of the body such as chiropractic treatments and massage.


What are Energy Therapies?

Practices focusing on energy originating within or around the body such as Reiki and therapeutic touch.


What are legal issues of Nurses' use of CAM?

-Does the modality fit within the nurse practice act of the state in which the nurse practices?
-Is the modality covered within practice acts of other disciplines?
-Is a license required to provide the modality?


What will nurses need to be able to do when dealing with Integrative Healthcare (IH)?

-Be knowledgable if CAM practices.
-Communicate with CAM practitioners.
-Partner with patients on decisions about the use of CAM modalities.
-Focus on promoting health.
-Be role models of health.