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What are Levels of Healthcare and Associated Services Provided?

-Primary Healthcare: Health promotion, education, protection, and screening.
-Secondary Healthcare: Emergency care, acute and critical care, diagnosis, and treatment.
-Tertiary healthcare: Rehabilitation, long-term care, support services, and hospice care.


What is Community-Based Healthcare?

The design, delivery, and evaluation of healthcare services developed in partnership with communities.


What is the focus of nursing in Hospital Settings?

Aim is physical and mental stabilization of patients.


What is the focus of nursing in Setting Outside the Hospital?

Use individual, family/significant other, and community resources to assist in restoring a patient's health to maximum possible functioning.


What is the focus of nursing in Community- Based Nursing?

Focus is on the needs of a population.


Fragmentation of care can occur when?

-Different healthcare specialists prescribe different medications and therapies.
-Patients move from one system of care to another.
-A government agency or program is unable to address complex community needs.


What are elements of discharge planning for the patient?

-Goal setting
-Anticipation of Transitional Changes
-Continuity of Care


What are the levels of discharge planning?

-Basic: Education of patient regarding self-care.
-Simple Referral: Referral to community service.
-Complex Referral: Referral to discharge planner.


What are factors affecting home health care management?

-Functional Abilities
-Family Support
-Community Support
-Social Supports


What are the phases of the home nursing visit?

-Initiation phase:
-Pre-visit phase:
-In-home phase:
-Termination phase:
-Post-visit phase:


What woulda nurse assess for home healthcare?

-Individual capabilities
-Family support
-Risk factors
-Home environment
-Community Resources


What are Care Management and Responsibilities in Home Care?

-Patient Education
-Holistic Care
-Care/Case Management
-Accessing Community Resources


What is Patient Education?

An interactive, collaborative, between the nurse and patient to progress toward the patients goals of assuming responsibility for his or her health and self-care.


What is Advocacy?

A process that includes informing, supporting, and validating patients choices.


What is Holistic Care?

Facilitation of patients aesthetics/spirituality.


What is Care/Case Management?

Holistic multiphase process that encompasses steps from assessment and planning to monitoring outcomes, case management and closure.


What does Accessing Community Resources mean?

Providing assistance with access and procurement of needs equipment and services for patients within the community.