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What is Safety?

The state of being free from harm or danger.


What is Injury?

A particular form or instance of harm that has a recognizable pattern of occurrence.


When it comes to safety, nurses are responsible for what?

Assessing the patient and the environment and for providing safe care that includes injury control and maintaining a safe environment.


Injury control occurs at what three levels?

-Individual level
-Design level
-Regulatory level


What is the Individual level?

Providing education about safety hazards and prevention strategies.


What is the Design level?

Using engineering and environment controls, which may have active or passive safety features, that prevent injury from product or equipment use.


What is the Regulatory level?

Creating, monitoring, and enforcing regulations to ensure safe products and environments among manufacturers, retailers, employers, workers, and product users.


What are factors affecting safety?

-Physiological Factors (Our body systems try to protect us)
-Environmental Factors (Pollution, Ionizing radiation, Terrorism, Home, Workplace, Community)


Altered safeties manifested in various harmful and preventable injuries and illnesses, such as what?

-Motor vehicle incidents
-Fire arms
-Electric shock
-Suffocation and drowning
-Fires and burns
-Radiation injury
-Respiratory diseases


What are assessments of ability to function safely?

-Normal pattern identification
-Risk identification
-Dysfunction identification
-Physical Assessment
-Diagnostic tests and procedures


What is normal pattern identification?

Current safety practices or plans for management of hazard.


What is included in risk identification?

-Recent changes in condition
-Occupation, home environment, lifestyle, habits, and level of safety practices


When is dysfunction identification apparent?

May be present when patient reports a serious, preventable injury, a recent change ability to participate safely in ADLs, or reports or performs unsafe behavior.


What does a physical assessment focus on?

Should focus on the following systems: neurologic and sensory, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and the integument.


What are diagnostic tests and procedures used for?

Used to determine a person's health status by assessing for medical conditions that can place the person at risk for injury.


What are nursing interventions for situations of altered safety?

-Disaster plans
-Fire evacuation
-Emergency care in unintentional poisoning
-Filing an incident report
-Cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Nursing interventions related to safety fall into what two broad categories?

-Providing safety education for the home, workplace, and community.
-Providing a safe environment in the healthcare setting.