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1. One of these fibers is a product of polymerization;

A. Rayon​​​​
C. Nylon
B. Cotton​​​​
D. Coir

A. Rayon


2. When vegetable fibers are irradiated with ultraviolet rays, they exhibit;

A. Yellow fluorescence​
C. Bluish fluorescence
B. Greenish fluorescence​
D. Orange Fluorescence

A. Yellow fluorescence​


3. To test acetate silk, burning is done. This

A. Gives up fumes with acid-like odor
B. Produce a white residue
C. A or B
D. None of the above

A. Gives up fumes with acid-like odor


4. The four most abundant elements in the earth’s crust are;

A. C,H,O,N​​​
C. O,Si,K,Mg
B. O,Si,Ca,Na​​
D. O,Si,Al,Fe

D. O,Si,Al,Fe


5. The pigment in the hair is called;

Melanin and Phaeomelanin


6. The central canal of the hair is called;

A. Cuticle​​​
C. Cortex
B. Lanugo
​​D. Medulla



7. Blood is a red fluid in the body that contains;

Plasma​​​ and Formed elements


8. The technique that does not destroy the material it analyze is;

A. Electrophoresis​​
C. Spectrography
B. Laser Technique​​
D. X-ray diffraction analysis

D. X-ray diffraction analysis


9. A problem regarding semen is individualization. This can be solved by the crime laboratory by the technique of;

A. Fingerprinting
​​C. DNA typing
B. Barbeto’s test​​
D. Florence test

​​C. DNA typing


10. The organelle that is the powerhouse of the spermatozoon is the;

A. Mitochondria
​​C. Flagellum
B. Nucleus​​
D. Enzyme product

A. Mitochondria