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1. The polygraph instrument is also known as a lie detector, but research clearly shows that it cannot determine or detect a lying person. What then is the use of polygraph instrument?

A. To record physiological reactions of the subject.


2. Any deviation from norm without markings on the chart requires an explanation. This is the cardinal rule in chart interpretation. What then is the keynote to accurate chart interpretation?

A. Good question formulation
B. Good chart marking
C. Good pre-test interview
D. Good chart-proving

A. Good question formulation


3. The pneumograph channel during the test records the respiratory activity of the examinee. What then is the channel of the polygraph that records the galvanic skin resistance of the examinee?

A. Galvanograph Channel
B. Cardiograph Module
C. Kymograph Assembly
D. Hydrosphygmograph

A. Galvanograph Channel


4. In a polygraph test, what test technique does the examiner used if he utilized padding questions?

A. Peak of tension test
B. Stimulation test
C. General question test
D. Zone comparison test

A. Peak of tension test


5. What is the nature of the test question which deals with a known fact where the subject cannot lie and does not relate to the matter under investigation?

A. Irrelevant question
B. Strong relevant question
C. Knowledge control question
D. Secondary control question

A. Irrelevant question


6. The examiner will conduct post interrogation if he is fully convinced on the guilt of the subject based on the chart taken. On the other hand, when will the examiner conduct chart probing to the subject during the test?

A. Every after taking of each chart
B. Only after the first test was completed
C. Only if there are deviations from norm on the chart taken
D. When there are specific responses on the chart without chart markings

A. Every after taking of each chart


7. There are several test techniques commonly used in polygraph examination, the use of which will depend on the nature of the case under investigation or at the discretion of the examiner. What test technique is being used when the so-called S-K-Y questions were asked during the test?

A. Backster zone comparison test
B. General question test
C. Silent answer test
D. Stimulation test
Answer A

A. Backster zone comparison test


8. Under backster zone comparison test technique, color zones are applied in identifying so many questions used during the test. If the color zone for irrelevant question is yellow, what then is the color zone for strong relevant questions?

A. Red
​B. Black​
C. Green​
D. Orange

A. Red


9. The type of drug that increases physiological activity of the examinee is called stimulant drugs. What about the drug that reduces physiological activity of the subject during polygrap test?

A. Depressant drug​
C. Prohibited drug
B. Irritant Drug​​
D. Dangerous drug

A. Depressant drug​


10. What part of the polygraph instrument that drives the chart paper at six inches per minute during the test?

A. Kymograph assembly​
B. Electronic motor drive
C. Chart drive mini-motor
D. Reactograph drive motor

A. Kymograph assembly​


11. In polygraph examination, who determine the guilt or innocence of the subject that has under gone polygraph test?

A. The polygraph examiner
B. The investigator on case
C. The trial judge
D. The fiscal

C. The trial judge


12. It is a scientific diagnostic instrument used in recording the physiological reactions of the examinee during the test.

A. Lie detector instrument
B. Polygraph instrument
C. Truth verifier instrument
D. Any or all of the above

D. Any or all of the above


13. A regular skip beat on the chart tracings of the subject which are evenly spaced interval usually signify a type of heart defect, serious or not. If the skip beat on the chart of the subject occurs intermittently after a primary relevant question was asked during the test, it may indicate;

A. Deception criteria in itself
B. Subject norm on a particular test
C. A form of physiological relief on the question asked
D. Cuff discomfort due to physical pain

A. Deception criteria in itself


14. One of this is a principal use of polygraph instrument;

A. Invaluable aid in investigation
B. To determine the facts of the case
C. To determine the guilt or innocence of the subject
D. A very good substitute of the investigation

A. Invaluable aid in investigation


15. Who was the first person to develop a polygraph apparatus that was used in detecting deception?

A. John Larson ​​​
C. Leonarde Keeler
B. Angelo Mosso​​​
D. Cesare Lombroso

A. John Larson