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1.The following are crimes against property except one.
a) arson​
b) possession of picklocks​
c) libel​
d) malicious mischief

c) libel


2. The following are to be taken in consideration if there is inexcusable lack of precaution on the part of the offender except one.
a) employment or occupation​​
b) degree of education
c) persons, time and place​​​
d) degree of physical conditions

​b) degree of education


3.It is the breach of allegiance to a government committed by a person who owes allegiance to it.
a) misprision of treason ​
b) espionage​​
c) duel ​
d) treason

d) treason


4.It means an extremely vicious or deeply insulting act.
a) cruelty​ ​​
b) ignominy​​
c) scoffing​
d) outraging

c) scoffing


5.It is committed by a man who has sexual intercourse under scandalous circumstances.

a) pre-mature marriage​
b) adultery​
c) concubinage​
d) disloyalty

​c) concubinage


6.It is the unlawful extortion of money by threats of accusation or exposure.

a) other light threats ​
b) libel​​
c) blackmail​ ​
d) defamation

​c) blackmail


7. It is the means, methods or forms of attack consciously adopted by the offender to insure the consummation of the crime.

a) alevosia​​
b) cuadrilla​ ​
c) delitos​
d) evident premeditation

a) alevosia


8.It is the deliberately augmenting the suffering the of the victim which is not necessary in the commission of the crime.
a) ignominy​​ ​
b) cruelty​ ​
c) scoffing​
d) outraging

​b) cruelty


9.It means to jeer, and implies a showing of irreverence.
a) scoffing​​ ​
b) ignominy ​ ​
c) pompous​
d) outraging

​d) outraging


10. The following are the requisites of a valid marriage except one.

a) authority of the solemnizing officer​​
b) legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be of the same sex
​​c) a valid marriage license
d) marriage ceremony

b) legal capacity of the contracting parties who must be of the same sex


11.The following cannot be prosecuted de oficio except one.

a) rape ​
b) seduction​
​c) acts of lasciviousness​
d) adultery

a) rape


12.The following are the crimes against the civil status except one.

a) bigamy ​​​​​
b) premature marriages ​
c) abandoning a minor ​​​
d) simulation of birth

a) bigamy


13. It is the doctrine which states that the contributory negligence of the party injured will not defeat the action if it be shown that the accused might, in the exercise of reasonable care and prudence, have avoided the consequences of the negligence of the injured party.

a) right of pre-emption ​
b) fortuitous event​
c) last clear chance
d) emergency rule

c) last clear chance


14.It is a question where the validity of the second marriage is a liability for bigamy.

a) negative pregnant​
b) political question​
c) judicial question​
d) prejudicial question

d) prejudicial question


15.The following are crimes against the fundamental law of the State except one.

a) arbitrary detention​
b) violation of domicile
​c) illegal detention​
d) delaying release

c) illegal detention


16. In the following cases, a person who committed parricide is not punishable with reclusion perpetua to death except one.

a) committed thru negligence ​
b) committed under exceptional circumstances​ ​
c) committed by mistake​​
d) committed without intent

d) committed without intent


17.It is the unlawful killing of a person which is not parricide or infanticide provided qualifying aggravating circumstances are present.

a) homicide
​​b) abortion ​
c) murder ​
d) parricide by mistake

​c) murder


18.The following are the requisites of evident premeditation except one.

a.)any act manifestly indicating that the culprit has clung to its determination
b.)a sufficient lapse of time between the determination and the execution
c.)a sudden and an unexpected attack to ensure the consummation ​of the crime
d.)the time when the offender determined to commit the crime

c.)a sudden and an unexpected attack to ensure the consummation ​of the crime


19.If a person shoots at another with any firearm to cause danger in a public place, what crime is committed?

a) discharge of firearm​
b) alarm​
c) grave threat​
d) light coercion

​b) alarm


20. It s the unlawful killing a person without qualifying circumstances.

a) homicide​ ​
b) infanticide​​
c) abortion​​
d) murder

a) homicide


21.If a person kills another by poison, what crime is committed?

a) homicide​ ​
b) infanticide​​
c) parricide​​
d) murder

​ d) murder


22.It is the penalty that has a duration of 6 months and 1 day to 6 years.

a) reclusion temporal​
b) arresto menor​
c) prision mayor​
d) prision correccional

d) prision correccional


23.It consists of acts which are offensive to decency and good customs which having been committed publicly, have given rise to public scandal to persons who have accidentally witnessed the same.

a) grave scandal
​b) indecency​​
c) vagrancy​​
d) prostitution

a) grave scandal


23.It is the performance of some act which ought not to be done.

a) malfeasance​
b) non-feasance
c) dereliction of duty
d) misfeasance

a) malfeasance


24.It is the omission of some acts which ought to be performed.

a) malfeasance​
b) non-feasance​
c) dereliction of duty
d) misfeasance

​b) non-feasance


25. B gave Inspector XYZ a gift of considerable amount which the latter received in exchange for the issuance of a fake Police Investigation Report, what crime did Inspector XYZ commit?

a) direct bribery ​​
b) indirect bribery​
c) corruption of public officials
d) dereliction of duty

​ d) dwelling


27.A quack doctor who treated a sick man resulting to the latter’s death, what crime was committed?

a) frustrated homicide​​
b) murder​
c) reckless imprudence resulting to homicide
d) reckless imprudence resulting to murder

c) reckless imprudence resulting to homicide


28.The following are the subject of forgery except one.

a) treasury note​
b) affidavit​
c) securities payable to bearer​d) certificates

​b) affidavit


29.If a person points a gun to pregnant woman, at the same time telling her that he will her, and because of fright she absorbs, she suffer an abortion, what crime is committed.

a) intentional abortion ​
b) grave threats​
c) unintentional abortion ​
d) threat

​b) grave threats


30.It means the lopping or clipping off some part of the body.

a) castration​ ​
b) mutilation​​
c) assaulting​​
d) beating

​b) mutilation


31.The following are the acts of committing falsification except one.

a) imitating handwriting ​
b) altering true date​
c) making untruthful statements
d) giving a treasury note which appears a genuine document

d) giving a treasury note which appears a genuine document


32.Jose executed a false affidavit, what crime was committed?

a) libel​
​b) falsification​
c) perjury​​
d) false testimony

​c) perjury


33.It is the death of a person brought by a lawful act performed with proper care and skill, and without homicidal intent.

a) frustrated homicide​
b) accidental homicide
c) impossible crime
d) imprudence

b) accidental homicide


34.It is a communication by means of letters.

a) telegram​​
b) confidential​
c) correspondence​
d) privilege communication

​c) correspondence


35. It is the practice of putting to death a person suffering from some incurable disease.

a) giving assistance to suicide
​b) suicide​
c) euthanasia
d) murder

c) euthanasia


36. It is a crime committed by more than three armed persons who form a band of robbers for the purpose of committing robbery in a highway to be attained by means of force and violence.

a) brigands ​ ​
b) brigandage​
c) robbery
​d) kidnapping with ransom

​b) brigandage


37.The following are liable for seduction except one.

a) spouse​ ​
b) domestic​​
c) teacher​​
d) brother

a) spouse


39.The following are the acts penalizing white slave trade except one.

a) promoting prostitution​​​
b) profiting by prostitution
c) enlisting the services of women for prostitution​
d) engaging in the business of prostitution

a) promoting prostitution


40.It is the taking away of a woman from her house or place where she may be for the purpose of carrying her to another place with intent to marry or to corrupt her.

a) kidnapping​​
b) seduction
​​c) illegal detention​
d) abduction

​d) abduction


41. It is an order in writing issued in the name of the People of the Philippines, signed by a judge and directed to a peace officer, commanding him to search for personal properties and bring it before the judge.

a) search​ ​
b) arrest​​
c) search warrant​
d) warrant of arrest

​ c) search warrant


42.H seduced W’s daughter because H refused to marry her. W threatened H with death, unless H would marry her daughter, what crime did W commit?

a) light threat​​
b) blackmail​​
c) grave threat​
d) grave coercion

c) grave threat


43. It is the taking of a person into custody in order that he may be bound to answer for the commission of an offense.

a) search​ ​
b) arrest​​
c) search warrant​
d) warrant of arrest

b) arrest


44. The following are the subject of a search warrant except one.

a) subject of the offense​
b) stolen private properties​
c) fruits of the offense​
d) used or intended to be used in the commission of an offense

​ b) stolen private properties


45.The following are justifying circumstances except one.

a) defense of relatives ​
b) accident​
c) fulfillment of a duty
d) obedience of an order

​b) accident


46.The following are the causes which may produce the legal dissolution of the first marriage except one.

a) judicial declaration of presumptive death​
b) death of one of the contracting parties
c) judicial declaration annulling a void marriage
d) judicial declaration annulling a voidable marriage

a) judicial declaration of presumptive death


47.It is the taking of a personal property belonging to another with intent to gain, by means of violence against or intimidation of any person, or using force upon things.

a) piracy​
​​b) theft​​
c) robbery​​
d) qualified theft

c) robbery


48.The following are the civil liability of persons guilty of crimes against chastity except one.

a.)to support the offspring
b.)to indemnify the offended woman
c.)to marry the offended woman
d.)to acknowledge the offspring

c.)to marry the offended woman


49.The following are false keys except one.

a) genuine keys stolen from the owner​b) picklocks or similar tools
c) genuine key entrusted by the owner to the offender​ ​​​
d) any keys other than those by the owner for use in the lock forcibly opened by the offender

c) genuine key entrusted by the owner to the offender


50.The following are crimes against the civil status except one.

a) bigamy​
b) premature marriages​
c) libel
​d) simulation of birth

c) libel


51. It is such reasons supported by facts and circumstances, as will warrant a very cautious man in the belief that his action, and the means taken in prosecuting it, are legally just and proper.

a.)probable cause
b.)searching questions and answers
c.)personally determined by a judge
d.)illegal search

a.)probable cause


52. It is the offense of gathering information respecting the national defense with intent or reason to believe that the information is to be used to the injury of the Republic of the Philippines.

b.)misprision of treason
d.)flight to the enemy’s country



53. It is the robbery on the high seas without lawful authority and done with animo furandi and in the spirit and intention of universal hostility.

a.)qualified piracy



54. It is committed if the offender who enters a dwelling against the will of the owner thereof is a private individual.

a.)unlawful detention
b.)violation of domicile
c.)trespass to dwelling
d.)illegal detention

c.)trespass to dwelling


55. It is a communication by means of letters.

morse code



56.It is an Act Prohibiting Certain Acts Inimical to Civil Aviation.

a.)RA 6135
b.)RA 6235
c.)RA 6335
d.)RA 6532

b.)RA 6235


57. It is the taking of a person into custody in order that he may be bound for the commission of an offense.

b.)warrant of arrest



58. It is the crime committed by the offender who enters the dwelling against the will of the owner thereof is a public officer.

a.)unlawful detention
b.)violation of domicile
c.)trespass to dwelling
d.)illegal detention

b.)violation of domicile


59. Are those religious acts performed outside of a church.

b.)religious ceremony
c.)praying of the rosary
d.)burying a dead person with pomp

b.)religious ceremony


60. It is committed by any public officer or employee who shall expel any person from the Philippine Islands or shall compel such person to change her residence.

a.)violation of neutrality
b.)violation of domicile
d.)flight to the enemy’s country



61. A swift attack on a military destabilization due by elements of the AFP or police.

coup d’etat


62.Rising publicly and taking arms against the government to change a legitimate government.



63.Power of the state to define and punish crime.

police power


64.Rebellion treason and sedition are crimes against?

national security


65. The following are private offense except one.

b.)act of lasciviousness



66.It refers to a movement which seeks merely to effect some change of minor importance.




67.It means the actual commission of a crime at a specific date, place and time.

corpus delicti


68.it refers to an event which cannot be foreseen in inevitable.

force majeure


69.They are idle persons who lodges in houses of ill-fame, or pimps and those who habitually associates with prostitutes.



70. It is committed by the offender who enters a closed premises or fenced estate of another.



71.If the child killed by illegitimate parents, the crime is.



72. It is the liability of a giver in direct bribery.

corruption of public officials


73.Pedro fired his gun to Luis to frighten him but there is no intent to kill. What crime was committed by Pedro?

Illegal discharge of firearm


74. PO3 Bagsik entered the dwelling of Totoy against the latter’s will on suspicion that Totoy keep unlicensed firearms in his home. What was the crime committed by PO3 Bagsik?

Violation of Domicile


75. Berung and Betang had been married for more than six months. They live together with the children of Betang from her first husband. Berung had sexual relationship with Bea, the 14 year old daughter of Betang. Bea love Berung very much. What was the crime committed by Berung, if any?

Qualified Seduction


76. Prof. Dabcat gave a failing grade to one of his students, Sixto. When the two met the following day, Sixto slapped Prof. Dabcat on the face. What was the crime committed by Sixto?

Direct Assault


77. A warrant of arrest was issued against Pekto for the killing of his parents. When PO2 Tapang tried to arrest him, Pekto gave him 1 million Pesos to set him free. PO2 Tapang refrained in arresting Pekto. What was the crime committed by PO2 Tapang?

Qualified Bribery


78. The taking of another person’s personal property, with intent to gain, by means of force and intimidation.



79. Felony committed when a person compels another by means of force, violence or intimidation to do something against his will, whether right or wrong.

grave coercion


80. Persons having no apparent means of subsistence but has the physical ability to work and neglects to apply himself or herself to lawful calling.



81. It is committed by any person who shall contract a subsequent marriage before the former marriage has been legally dissolved.



82. It is the clipping off or lopping off a part of the body for reproduction.



83. The deprivation of a private person of the liberty of another person without legal grounds.

illegal detention


84. An offense committed by a married woman through carnal knowledge with a man not her husband who knows her to be married, although the marriage be later declared void.



85. Felony committed by a public officer who agrees to commit an act in consideration of a gift and this act is connected with the discharge of his public duties.

indirect bribery


86. The willful and corrupt assertion of falsehood under oath of affirmation, administered by authority of law on a material matter.



87. The unlawful destruction, or the bringing forth prematurely, of human fetus before the natural time of birth which results in death.



88. Felony committed when a person is killed or wounded during the confusion attendant to a quarrel among several persons not organized into groups and the parties responsible cannot be ascertained.

tumultuous affray


89. Infanticide is committed by killing a child not more than….

72 hours


90. A crime against honor which is committed by performing any act which casts dishonor, discredit, or contempt upon another person.



91. X while walking along P Street at 11:00AM suddenly held by the breast of W? What crime was committed by X?

Unjust Vexation


92. Mario failed to check his break when he went to his office. Unfortunately, he hit a pedestrian who as a consequence died. What crime was committed by Mario?

Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide


93. In its general sense, it is the raising of commotions or disturbances in the State.



94. The length of validity of a search warrant from its date.

10 days


95. The detention of a person without legal grounds by a public officer or employee.

arbitrary detention


96. A breach of allegiance to a government, committed by a person who owes allegiance to it.



97. Conspiracy to commit this felony is punishable under the law.



98. Pedro stole the cow of Juan. What was the crime committed?

Qualified Theft


99. Pedro, a 19 year old man had sexual intercourse with her 11 year old girlfriend without threat, force or intimidation. What was the crime committed?

Statutory Rape


100. Miss Ligaya Maninang, a public school teacher of Angeles City Elementary School, Angeles City scolded Romeo Natutulog, one of her pupils. The next day, while Miss Ligaya Maninang was conducting her class, Mr. Natutulog, Sr., father of Romeo Natutulog boxed Miss Ligaya Maniwang on the different parts of her body. The injuries of Miss Ligaya Maninang healed more than ten (10) days but less than thirty (30) days. For what felony/ies may Mr. Natutulog, Sr. be charged?

direct assault with less serious physical injuries