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1. A camera that has an angle view of 46 degrees similar to the angle view of human eye is called;

A. telephoto lens​​
C. wide angle lens
B. normal lens​​
D. zoom lens

normal lens


2. In photographing questioned signatures or developed latent prints, a film with a very fine grain should be considered so it could be enlarged to maximize size without considerable loss in details. Which of the following has the finest grain?

A. ASA 400​​​
C. ASA 100
B. ASA 25​​​
D. ASA 1600

B. ASA 25​​​


3. For a film with an ASA rating of 100, the exposure setting at bright sunlight is at f 11 and shutter speed of 1/125 seconds. With the same lighting condition and shutter speed, change the ASA rating to 200, what is the next aperture to be used?

A. f 22​​​​
C. f 8
B. f 16
​​​​D. f 5.6

B. f 16


4. The lens opening also known as the relative aperture is the indicator for light transmitting capability of the lens. Which lens opening will admit more light to pass through its medium?

A. f 11​​​​​
C. f 5.6
B. f 2.8​​​​
D. f 4

B. f 2.8


5. Which of the following color rays has longer wave length?

A. Blue
​​​​C. Green
B. Red ​​​​
D. Violet

​​​​B. Red


6. There are two types of color films, the negative and the positive type. Which suffix indicates the positive type?

A. Orthe​​​​
C. pan
B. Chrome​​​​
D. Color

B. Chrome


7. For proper flash synchronization for an electronic flash unit, the flash should be plugged into the socket in the camera marked as;

A. M
​​​​C. V
B. X​​​​

B. X


8. Purple magenta is one of the secondary colors of light which is a combination of;

A. red and green​​
C. blue and green
B. red and blue
​​d. red and yellow

B. red and blue


9. The unit of measurement of light which is equivalent to one-tenth of millimicron is called;

A. joule
​​​​C. celcius
B. angstrom​​​
D. fahrenheit

B. angstrom


10. In the development of negative, it control contrast while exposures control;

A. over development​​
C. Shadow
B. density​​​
D. under development

B. density