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EPO 1 ID the Elements of Material Support and Resources Provided to Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) Which Violate the Provisions of 18 USC 2339B

Supporting FTO-
*KNOWINGLY provides material support or resources to a FTO
Exception is- allowed to provide medicine or religious materials
Knowledge that the organization is a terrorist organization or person is actively engaged with organization
Money is interchangeable-
*Clean money vs dirty money
FTO List is designated by SECRETARY OF STATE (SOS)
Valid for 2 years then reviewed again by SOS and renewable


EPO 2 Means a way LEO can jeopardize their agency and themselves by using Social Networking Sites

Geotagging-turn off
GPS- turn off


Epo 3 Identify the elements of material support and resources provided to designated foreign terrorist organization which violate the provisions of Title 18 USC 2339B

knowing provide material support or resources to FTO, or attempt or conspire to do so, shall be fined under or imprisoned not more than 15 yrs or both, and if death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.
-must have knowlege its and FTO, and terrorist activity


EPO 4 List the means by which a LEO or agent can jeopardize their agency and themselves by using social networking sites

-by giving away sensitive info
-giving our your name, DOB, address, telephone number, material status, employment, family members, etc
-Geotagging allow people to track where the picture was taken
-keep sensitive, work related info off SNS


Epo 5 ID the Terrorist Attack Cycle and How Targets are Chosen

1. Project Initiation-(intelligence cell activated & sent verification pos targets selected )
2.Target Assessment & Selection multiple targets are assessed for time and place of attack
3. In-Depth Surveillance (most risky)
4. Planning & Rehearsal (tactical cell selected & attack rehearsed)
5. Plan Verification-(target eval for changes and activity)
6. Execution and Exploitation (plan is carried out)

Large Gatherings of People
Transportation (Buses&Trains)
Post Offices


EPO 6 Define the term Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and Id the methods which Terrorist Groups Utilize to Recruit Potential Operatives

3 Stages of Radicalization
1. Radizcalization- believe their actions are necessary and justified
2. Mobilization (Active Support)
*Readiness to Act
*Personal Experience
3. Action
*Ready to carry out attack

Use of Internet


EPO 7 Identify Methods of Collection, Reporting, and Information Sharing Utilizing the SAR Initiative

Difference between Surveillance and Information Gathering (Elicitation) is talking. If someone asks you something they are eliciting

information Category 1
Have an arrest warrant
information Category 2
May be a detainer available from DHS for this individual
information Category 3
Do not advise, get any info you can,



18 USC 2331
Coerce civilian population
Influence GOVT
Through mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping
Within the jurisdiction of the U.S.


International Terrorism

Primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States


Terrorist Group

Group size is irrelevant
Share same ideology and goals


NTAS (National Terrorism Advisory System)

Two tiers
*Imminent (impending)
Difference is credibility
Release to stakeholders first the public
Limited Duration

Comprised of
*Tear Line (declassified summary)
*Protective measures
*Affected Areas
*Disseminate to Public (maybe)


18 USC 2339A
Providing Material SUpport to Terrorists
(Supporting ThingsTerrorist Do)

Not as powerful as 2339B
Must prove that the person provided the support or resources, KNOWING or INTENDING it was used in carrying out a number of Federal Terrorist-Type Crimes

Support things Terrorists do



Secretary of State-Designated FTOs
2339B- D knowingly
update every 2 years
Geotagging-location of pictures
Terrorist use Social Networking-Recruit, id patterns, find where you live
Protecting Sensitive Info on Social Networking-dont put on
Command Element deploy Intel Cells-Project Initiation
Planned Verification-In depth surveillance, select target, go back and plan
Riskiest Phase-In-depth surveillance
Tactical Cell selected-Planning and Rehearsal
Info used to pick time/location-Target assessment and selection
Inhibitors according to radicalization-family support


8 Signs of Terrorism Activity

Information Gathering (Elicitation)
Testing Security
Planning/Acquiring Supplies
Suspicious Behavior (Time, Area, Place)
Rehearsal/Dry Runs
Getting into position

annotating on maps
night vision


Intelligence vs Information

Information-What you believe to be true but may not be proven.

Intelligence- What you or someone has observed

Credible Intel


who designates a FTO

how often is the FTO list updated

Secretary of State

Every two years


FTO use social networks

find out your location and family members,
spread propaganda

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