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In the context of anxiety disorders, what's meant by an obsession? (1)

A persistent, intrusive, recurring thought or image that causes anxiety.


In the context of anxiety disorders, what's meant by a compulsion? (1)

They are repetitive, ritualistic behaviours that grant temporary anxiety relief.


Outline two symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. (2)

B - Compulsions,
B - Avoidance,
E - Anxiety and distress,
E - Accompanying depression,
E - Guilt and disgust,
C - Obsessive thoughts,
C - Cognitive strategies to deal with obsessions,
C - Insight into excessive anxiety.


What neurotransmitter has been implicated in explaining OCD, how do we know it is linked? (2)

Serotonin, we know because SSRI's have been proven to reduce the symptoms of OCD.


What is meant by polygenic? (1)

It is controlled by the presence of multiple genes not just one gene.


What evidence do we have that OCD is linked to genetics? (4)

It is seen to run in families;
Nesdadt -> 68% of MZ twins share OCD, 31% of DZ twins share OCD.
Lewis -> 37% of OCD patients had parents with OCD and 21% had siblings with OCD.


Briefly outline how flooding might be used to treat phobias. (2)

• immediate/direct/full exposure
• prevention of avoidance
• until they are calm/anxiety has receded/fear is extinguished


Bob always checks that doors are locked and plug sockets are switched off. His checking routine has become very time consuming. He now feels overwhelmed with fears that his family could be in danger if he does not complete his checking routine. His doctor thinks Bob has obsessive compulsive disorder.
Explain what is meant by ‘obsessions’ and ‘compulsions’. Refer to Bob in your answer. (4)

1 mark for a definition of obsessions – obsessions are intrusive/recurring/unwanted thoughts
1 mark for a definition of compulsions – compulsions are repetitive behaviours/acts.
1 mark for application of knowledge of obsessions to the scenario – Bob is overwhelmed by fear that his family will be in danger due to him.
1 mark for application of knowledge of compulsions to the scenario – Bob checks that doors are locked or plug sockets switched off before he can leave the house.