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Murdock's OG Survey

250 "representative families" which concluded that "nuclear families are universal human grouping"

conclusions based on:
+strucutral convergeance: "families move towards nuclear-ness, because modernization is inevitable across all societies"

+dominance: "if not a movement, then nuclear structures are automatically more popular"


What other idea helps "convergeance" claims of nuclear family theorists?

The Fit Thesis, supported by Talcott Parsons, Goode and Skolnick.

Parsons: nuclear families are born to the demands of industiral societies
Goode: nuclear families are best suited to modern societies

Skolnick: same thing, ++ best suited to give children love in an increasingly impersonal world


Murdock's claim to universality DESPITE diversity

Single Parenthood? "broken nuclear"
Polygamous/ Extended? "has a nuclear core"


Evidence of matrifocality

Gough's study of Nayars in Kerala: matrilineal, women have numerous lovers that live in separate rooms of their house, and raise female children them with the help of their brothers.

New World Black Families: matrifocal: women have male visitors but rely on female kinship networks centered on grandmothers.


Evidence of Communes as alternative structures

Oneida Community, investigated by Hillebrand: complex marriage systems with community consent for cohabitation, did not allow for "Exclusive attachments"

Israeli Kibbutz: communal rearing of children, but monogamy is okay, but they live separately and do not share economic responsibilities as required by nuclar families


"Flexible families" ?

Stated by Hareven:
"families have always been able to nuclear, or sometimes have an additional member" (even the same exact family at different times)


Linking a Marxist argument...

"Nuclear universality" is not because of industrialization, but rather because of capitalism.

>> Zaretsky, Engels, etc. : "nuclear family was required to formalize the primogeniture, inheritance and monogamy that enabled capitalism to flourish"