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What is the difference when using the words oestrous and oestrus?

Oestrous: a phase in the cycle
Oestrus: an adjective describing when an animal is in heat


What two hormones promote egg development?

LH and FSH


What is the difference in the rat ovarian cycle compared to humans?

Progesterone increases sooner and declines earlier, allowing them to have a rapid return to oestrus in a 4 day cycle if there is no mating

Allows for rapid reproduction


What are the 3 sexual behaviour components proposed by frank beach?

1. Attractivity: how willing the male is to mate with her
2. Proceptivity: a females eagerness to mate
3. Receptivity: a females ability to mate


What is the Bruce effect?

Pregnant female mice aborted their embryos when housed with an unfamiliar male


What study showed that the mPOA is involved in odour processing?

Syrian hamsters that were given mPOA lesions did not discriminate between male and female odours whereas normal hamsters investigated the male odour more