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What is satiety?

The feeling of fullness from hormones


What is the central melanocortin system?

The combination of AGRP and alpha-MSH acting on the melanocortin-4 receptor


What happened in the conditioned study on mice looking at food preference?

Used mice that did not change NPY/AGRP neural activity

Conditioned to a food source- given pulses to make them feel hungry even when feeding

When given a choice the mouse didn’t choose the food conditioned to- suggests hunger is uncomfortable


What is the appetitive behaviour seen in hamsters?

Food hoarding


What are the differences in the behavioural effects of NPY and AGRP?

AGRP primarily regulates the long term appetitive behaviour of hoarding, whereas NPY only increases foraging and food intake over a shorter period


What is different about birds and Leptin?

Leptin is less likely to be a key nutritional signal in birds and probably acts locally in tissues rather than circulating in the blood