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What is affiliation?

When animals come together


Give an example of affiliation and aggression

Meadow vole: females aggressively defend territories in summer breeding season but in winter will share them with individuals of both sexes


What is Affiliation linked to?

Nonapeptides, produced by neurons in the hypothalamus and secreted by the posterior pituitary gland


What is different about prairie voles?

They’re socially monogamous and live in pairs underground in burrows


What was found in the partner preference test on female prairie voles?

Oxytocin acts in the brain to promote pair bonding in females


What was found in the partner preference test on male prairie voles?

Males spent significantly more time with their partner after central injection of vasopressin but not oxytocin like females


What was found to be responsible for the difference in pair bonding in prairie voles compared to other vole species?

There was a huge difference in receptor binding for oxytocin and areas rich in dopamine- linked to reward and addiction


What was found in the V1aR gene of the prairie vole?

A 428bp microsatellite sequence was found in the regulatory region which could account for different expression patterns between species


What did the study on mice and the V1aR gene find?

Mice expression the V1aR gene became monogomous

A single gene mutation is sufficient to cause a dramatic change in behaviour


What is the bird equivalent of oxytocin?



What did the study looking at social responses on cichlid fish find?

Fish objected peripherally with isotocin shaved more aggressively to larger fish

Fish of middle social ranking injected became more submissive

Isotocin affected the way the fish processed social information