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What is the consummatory and appetitive behaviour in mating?

Appetitive involves things such as courtship

Consummatory involves the act of mating- copulation


If an aromatase inhibitor reduced both appetitive and consummatory behaviour in males what does that indicate?

Both are activated and maintained by oestrogens derived from testosterone


What are the 3 different categories of behaviour through POM lesioning?

Normal ASB, weak CSB
Normal ASM, no CSB
No ASB, no CSB


What happens if the preoptic area (POA) is lesioned?

Lesioning of the POA reduces or eliminates consummatory behaviour but not appetitive


Give an example of a study where mice are effected by social cues in mating behaviour:

Clue- olfactory cues

Given wintergreen odour in the presence of a female

Responded to the wintergreen odour in the same way that untrained mice responded to female presence by increased hormone concentrations

Associated the odour with mating behaviour


What is the Coolidge effect?

The idea that males would rather mare with multiple females than the same female every time


What was found when looking at the mechanisms that lead to different phenotypes in male manakin birds?

There is an activational effect of androgens rather than oestrogens

Androgen receptors are involved in fine motor control of the muscles producing the wing snaps- could explain the individual difference