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What was the consequence of appeasement for the Allies?

- Allowed Hitler to control a larger population to use as an army -Allowed Hitler to control a more people to tax and gather wealth from -Made Hitler seem invincible to his own people, so they bought into him as a leader -Allowed the Germans to control areas with tons of resources like iron, coal, and agricultural land


What issues resulted from the partition of India?

- The British did not force the people to move to the new areas, but the social pressure was immense -Those who did not move faced violence and discrimination -The giant migration caused violence during the move -The lack of planning led to homelessness and poverty in the new areas -The region of Kashmir was supposed to be settled on their own -It led to violence and that is still going on today


How was the Space Race an effect of the arms race?

- The race to come up with ways to deliver the nuclear weapons led to the Space Race -The Space Race turned into a scientific battle -Missiles led to rockets which could reach space -The Soviets launched the first satellite “Sputnik” which set of a frenzy in the United States -Ended with the US landing on the moon -This race to led all sorts of new technology


What decisions were made at the Potsdam Conference?

-Split Europe into two East- Communist controlled West- Democratic and capitalist controlled


Who are the Axis Powers?

Germany, Japan


Explain each of the causes for decolonization. -Pressure from US/USSR

- US After WW2, the idea of freedom and equality because accepted as the norm. We pressured our friends to put that idea into practice by treating the colonies the same -USSR Communism preaches about equality of the working class, and urged nationalist leaders to rise up against their “rich, capitalist rulers”


What were the negative consequences of doing this

- It killed over 100,000 instantly, and more hundreds of thousands in the weeks that followed -The effects on the citizens of Japan was cruel, even by the standards of war.


How did the Great Depression affect regular people in Germany?

Lost their jobs, lost their savings in the bank.


How was the following events part of containment? -Korean war

The communist North, backed by communist China, were fighting to control the capitalist South Korea. The US backed the South to stop the whole country from becoming communist.


What is Propaganda?

Biased or false information used to sway people to accept the government’s views Stress the positives of the government and the negatives of their opponents


What was the holodomor?

Stalin’s program of taking food from Ukraine as punishment for rebelling. It killed over 6 million people in less than a year.


What is a totalitarian government?

A government, usually with one leader, that takes total control of all aspects of public and private life.


Who are the Allied Powers?

Britain, France, the United States, Soviet Union



Machines began doing more work for people instead of muscle power


World War Two

Appeasement allowed Hitler to start to regain Germany's previous world power, to end the War the US dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan and the effect set the stage for the Cold War.


What are the major functions of the United Nations International Court of Justice

Convicts war criminals


Why were Germans mad at the Treaty of Versailles?

Made Germany pay reparations to France, guilt for the war, no more military, lost their lands. made them weak


What is containment?

This is how the US was going to stop the spread of communism.


What was Warsaw Pact?

This was the alliance of communist countries and was controlled by the Soviet Union.


What was the Enabling Act?

Made Hitler a dictator by allowing him to have sole power to pass laws.


What was the Weimar Republic?

Democracy put into place by Treaty of Versailles, enforced by the Allies of WWI. Got rid of Germans monarchy.


What are the major functions of the United Nations General Assembly

All countries have a vote in world affairs


How was the following events part of containment? -Vietnam war

The communist North Vietnamese and Vietcong, backed by the Soviet Union, were fighting to control the capitalist South Vietnam. The US backed the South to stop the whole country from becoming communist.


How did Hitler use the Great Depression to take power?

He used the fear and anger at the government to convince them he was the only person who could fix it


Explain two parts of Butter Battle.

-Butter difference- Communism or Capitalism -M.A.D. policy- did not want to drop their bomb at the end -Wall that divided them- Berlin Wall -Arms Race- building up their weapons to be better than each others


What is censorship? Why does it work?

- Stops any damaging information from being public -People don’t get mad about things they don’t know about.


What are four methods that dictators use to control their people?

-Censorship -Propaganda -Leader Worship -Police State


Why is leader worship successful?

People will make sacrifices for religion The leader gets to be unquestioned no matter what


What was US plan for containment?

We would use either money or fighting to stop communism anywhere it sprang up throughout the world.


How did the end of imperialism negatively affect countries in Africa?

- When the imperialist countries left the colonies, they did not leave a functioning government behind -The countries are almost always poor because they lost out on the use of their resources -Genocides and wars are still going on today in regions -Rwanda Genocide movie