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The Intolerable Acts were a response to what event?

Boston Tea Party


Describe the living conditions for the peasants. Give specific examples.

They lived in one room houses with dirt floors, mud walls, and thatch roofs.They were usually hungry, and frequently starved if the weather was not goodThey usually had one or two sets of clothes, and had to make everything they had in the homeWorked from sun up to sundown every day but Sunday


What happened to Germany's military?

It was reduced to 100,000 troops with no air force, navy or tanks


What is social darwinism?

Applies ideas of “Survival of the Fittest” to humans


What are some examples of cash crops?

Spices, tea, cotton, opium, tobacco, rubber, chocolate, coffee, etc.


Why is leader worship successful?

-People will make sacrifices for religion -The leader gets to be unquestioned no matter what


Explain the slogan of the Bolsheviks?

-Peace - Getting out of WWI-Land - Giving land to the peasants-Bread - Providing food to all


What was the holodomor?

Stalin’s program of taking food from Ukraine as punishment for rebelling. It killed over 6 million people in less than a year.


What was the final trigger that started the French Revolution?

A drought killed crops, making bread too expensive to buy


What effect did he have on Africa?

He gave the Europeans the reason to invade Africa “to stop slavery,” but really they just were looking for a reasons to take over.


What were the three underlying causes of the Great depression in the US?

-Too many people relied on credit to buy goods-Inequality of wealth -The banking system collapsed, taking with it people’s money


In Shooting an Elephant, who was represented by the coolie?

All the native people living under colonial rule


Why did Germany purposely hyperinflate their economy?

To pay back their reparations


What is absolute rule?

A government where the ruler had total authority, and there were no limits on what they were allowed to do.


What is leader worship?

Replacing organized religion with worship of the dictator


What is the goal of communism?

The government work to ensure equality for all people


What is Propaganda?

- Biased or false information used to sway people to accept the government’s views-Stress the positives of the government and the negatives of their opponents


Who was NOT involved in making the treaty?

Germany and Russia


In a communist country, who would control all of the goods, factories, businesses, money, etc?

The government


Describe the problems of housing for low wage workers during the Industrial revolution.

No building codesNo national free educationVery poor police protectionStreets had no drains and were piled high with wasteWidespread diseasePoor conditions were due to the fast pace of population growth in cities and government’s unwillingness to address the problems


How did we gather information AFTER the Scientific Revolution?

We tested our ideas, and came to conclusions about the world based on the research


During the dark ages, whose happiness was the most important? Afterwards?

Kings and Queens, afterwards it was the common people


How did the fighting in WWI differ from previous wars in Europe?

more defensive now, new technologies caused more deaths and trench. more people are fighting.


Explain what the enclosure movement was.

Rich farmers bought up the common land, and fenced it off so smaller farmers were not able to use it


What is hyperinflation?

Rapid increase in value of money


What was the main thing the Europeans cared about when dividing up Africa?

What resources they could get


Why would Kings of Europe hate John Locke’s ideas?

They did not want to protect rights, and John Locke was urging people to overthrow them


What treaty brought the war to a close?

Treaty of Versailles


How was Imperialism viewed different by the colonizer and the colonized?

-Europeans viewed it as helping the natives-The natives viewed it as an invasion and a theft of all their resources


What did Thomas Malthus believe in?

Believed population grows faster than food supplyThought we should expect more war, famine and disease to lower populationOverpopulation would lead to everyone being miserable