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What is a totalitarian government?

A government, usually with one leader, that takes total control of all aspects of public and private life.


What are four methods that dictators use to control their people?

Leader Worship
Police State


What is censorship? Why does it work?

- Stops any damaging information from being public
-People don’t get mad about things they don’t know about.


What is Propaganda?

- Biased or false information used to sway people to accept the government’s views

-Stress the positives of the government and the negatives of their opponents


What are the propaganda techniques ?

-Emotional Words
-Plain Folks


Describe what a police state is.

Control your country through the use of fear. Used spies, bugging houses, and concentration camps to make people fearful.


Why does police state work to keep people in line.

People are so scared of the secret police, that they never question anything.


What is leader worship?

Replacing organized religion with worship of the dictator


Why is leader worship successful?

-People will make sacrifices for religion
-The leader gets to be unquestioned no matter what


What kind of government style did Russia have before its revolutions?



what is a czar?

Russian word for king


What were the workers asking for on Bloody Sunday?

-Better work hours, conditions, and pay
-Free Healthcare
-Parliament and voting rights
-Freedom of speech, association, press, and religion
-End of fighting in their war with Japan


Why was Bloody Sunday so damaging to the czar?

Riots broke out nationwide, and Nicholas never regained full control or the trust of his people


In what ways did WWI lead to the end of the Russian monarchy?

- Russia lost over 2 million troops, and almost 1 million civilians in the war.
-Food was scarce because it was mostly going to the military
-People were furious with the government and eventually the Czar had to step down


What were the Russians fighting for in their Civil War?

-They were fighting over who would be the new government in Russia
-It was a fight between the Red Army (the Communists) and the White Armies (who didn’t want communism)


Explain the slogan of the Bolsheviks?

-Peace - Getting out of WWI
-Land - Giving land to the peasants
-Bread - Providing food to all


Who took over after Lenin died?

Josef Stalin


How did Stalin use censorship to control the public?

He cut people out of pictures, “unpersoned” those who crossed him, and wouldn't’ let any bad news about his government be printed.


How did Stalin use propaganda to control the public?

He hung posters of how great the Soviet Union was, had songs about himself, wrote all the books, made children’s cartoons, etc.


How did Stalin use leader worship to control the public?

Built statues of himself, had religious songs written about him


How did Stalin use police state to control the public?

Had gulags to throw prisoners in, used secret police,


What was the holodomor?

Stalin’s program of taking food from Ukraine as punishment for rebelling. It killed over 6 million people in less than a year.


How did the Soviet economy (businesses, etc) run on Communist principles?

The government owned and operated all businesses and farms. They also controlled everyone’s labor.


How did the factories operate in the Soviet Union?

The government decided what to make, how it was made, and who worked there.


What issues were there with the factories in the Soviet Union?

In order to meet the quotas, work days were often 16 hours, 76 days a week. Secret police operated the factories and killed anyone who wasn’t work hard enough. Focused mostly on making heavy industry goods, instead of household goods.


What are collective farms?

Massive government owned and operated farms.


What problems did collective farming have?

People didn’t want to work on them, and sabotaged the work. Millions were killed when they resisted work.


What evidence is there that the Soviet industrial and agricultural revolutions were successful?

Iron, coal, and steel production increased. Wheat production doubled.


What were the successes of Stalin as a leader?

He was able to maintain power for decades.
He took a backwards country and turned it into a military and industrial of the United States


What were the failures of Stalin as a leader?

He was responsible for the deaths of millions of his people\Totalitarian life in Germany