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What are the advantages of using an IPM program?

  • Economics - Cost benefit analysis
  • Environmental - Use least toxic approach
  • Public Relations - Documents science-based decisions
  • Professionalism - Organized, Planned approach between client and crew


Define IPM:

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is an informed, sustainable approach to managing plants and pests by combining cultural, biological, physical and chemical tactics in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks.


Why Practice IPM? 

Becuase it's a formalized maintenance approach that is dynamic, pro-active and holistic. It focuses on preperation, organization, professionalism and education. It uses current science as a guide  


What is an Economic advantage to IPM? 

Offers cost-benefit analysis to determine the most economical approach to plant health


What are the Environmental advantages to IPM? 

  • Minimizes ecosystem disruption using ecologically based programs
  • Usually reduces total pesticide use


What Public Relations advantage do you have using an IPM? 

  • Documents complex science-based decisions needed to manage plants and plant systems


What are the Professional Advantages of using IPM? 

  • Processed approach to organized, planned responses to risk
  • Contract between client and crew about how decisions are made and what results should be expected


Why is Site Assesment important im IPM? 

  • Complete evaluation of management area
  • Includes key plants and all other conditions
  • Documents current situation
  • Results in map


Why is a Monitoring Program important to have for IPM?

  • Regular inspection of the area allows you to detect problem areas as well as evaluate how treated areas are doing. 
  • Uses current science as a guide


Why is it important to have Decision Making Guidelines as part of your IPM? 

Sets threshholds for making informed decisions and Uses current science as a guide. 


What does an Intervention Plan do?

It Identifies options:

  • Uses current science as guide
  • Seeks least toxic approach
  • Chooses proper tools
  • Organizes treatments
  • Optimizes practices


Why is Record Keeping important for IPM?

  • Builds historical record
  • Determines the success of management tactics
  • Determines the effectiveness of treatments
  • Provides cost-benefit analysis
  • Leads to good planning
  • For regulatory requirements


Why is it important to have Education as part of the IPM? 

  • Ongoing program to keep up with new science and technology
  • Leads to good planning
  • Sound decision-making
  • Realistic expectaions


What are the Principles of Control? 






Define Exclusion: 

Prevent movement of pathogen into 
uninfected areas


Define: Eradication

Eliminate or reduce pathogen levels on site

(Create conditions that are Unfavorable for the Pathogen)


Define: Resistance

Improve plants ability to tolerate or recover 
from attack


identify two tools for disease monitoring

  • Camera
  • Cup Cutter


what is a disclosing solution?

  • 2 gal. water w/ 1 oz liquid dish soap
  • Used for insect diagnosis
  • pour on turf, insects come to surface.


what four sets of observations should be made during every routine scouting trip?

  • Detection and Diagnosis
  • Damage Survey
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Treatment Evaluation


describe 3 types of insect traps and how they can be used.

  • Pitfall Trap
    • remove soil core, insert sup to catch insects, record qualitative and quantitative data
  • Pheromone Trap
    • Using specific sexual attractants allows you target a specific species
  • Black Light Trap
    • This allows you to trap night flying insects and can help determine Peak Adult Flight patterns


what are the advantages and disadvantages of using biocontrol products?

  • Advantages
    • Low toxicity to non-target organisms
    • Low use rates
    • Public Perception
  • Disadvantages
    • most dont work as well as synthetic products
    • Low Versitility


How can Biocontrol agents be used succesfully in your insect control program?

  • Using them in a synergistic way with other products
  • Using them in out of play areas
  • Use on Ornamentals


What are endophytes?

  • Fungus that lives in Rye and Fescue
  • they release a toxin that deters leaf feeding insects
  • infected grass is more stress tolerant
  • works well in turfgrass
  • in some commercially sold turfgrass seed