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Define IPM:

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is an informed, sustainable approach to managing plants and pests by combining cultural, biological, physical and chemical tactics in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks.


Why Practice IPM? 

 To have a Proactive, Dynamic and Holistic program to manage your turf.  One that takes the whole ecosystem into consideration and provides the best practices for your entire site.  


What is an Economic advantage to IPM? 

Offers cost-benefit analysis to determine the most economical approach to plant health


What are the Environmental advantages to IPM? 

  • Minimizes ecosystem disruption using ecologically based programs
  • Usually reduces total pesticide use


What Public Relations advantage do you have using an IPM? 

  • Documents complex science-based decisions needed to manage plants and plant systems


What are the Professional Advantages of using IPM? 

  • Processed approach to organized, planned responses to risk
  • Contract between client and crew about how decisions are made and what results should be expected


Why is Site Assesment important im IPM? 

  • Complete evaluation of management area
  • Includes key plants and all other conditions
  • Documents current situation
  • Results in map


Why is a Monitoring Program important to have for IPM?

  • Regular inspection of the area allows you to detect problem areas as well as evaluate how treated areas are doing. 
  • Uses current science as a guide


What is it important to have Decision Making Guidelines as part of your IPM? 

Sets threshholds or tolerance levels for making informed decisions. Uses current science as a guide. 


What is involved when you have an Intervention Plan for your IPM? 

It Identifies management options:

  • Uses current science as guide
  • Seeks least toxic approach
  • Chooses proper tools
  • Organizes treatments
  • Optimizes practices


Why is Record Keeping important for IPM?

  • Builds historical record
  • Determines the success of management tactics
  • Determines the effectiveness of treatments
  • Provides cost-benefit analysis
  • Leads to good planning
  • For regulatory requirements


Why is it important to have Education as part of the IPM? 

  • Employee and client
  • Ongoing program to keep up with new science and technology
  • Leads to good planning
  • Sound decision-making
  • Realistic expectaions