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The contraction of the pupil, normally in response to exposure to light, but also possibly due to the use of prescription or illegal drugs, is known as _______. 

A.) nystagmus

B.) mydriasis

C.) miosis

D.) mycosis

C.) miosis


The term _______ means excessive urination.

A.) enuresis

B.) oliguria

C.) overactive bladder

D.) polyuria

D.) polyuria


The surgical removal of the gallbladder is known as a _______.

A.) cholecystectomy

B.) cholecystostomy

C.) cholecystotomy

D.) choledocholithotomy 

A.) cholecystectomy


An elevated _______ indicates the presence of inflammation in the body.

A.) complete blood cell count

B.) erythrocyte sedimentation rate

C.) platelet count

D.) total hemoglobin test 

B.) erythrocyte sedimentation rate


A/An _______ is a groove or crack-like break in the skin.

A.) abrasion

B.) fissure

C.) laceration

D.) ulcer 

B.) fissure


A/An _______ injection is made into the fatty layer just below the skin. 

A.) intradermal

B.) intramuscular

C.) intravenous

D.) subcutaneous 

D.) subcutaneous


The ______ has roles in both the immune and endocrine systems. 

A.) pancreas

B.) pituitary

C.) spleen

D.) thymus

D.) thymus


The medical term _______ describes an inflammation of the brain.

A.) encephalitis

B.) mastitis

C.) meningitis

D.) myelitis 

A.) encephalitis


The hormone secreted by fat cells is known as _______.

A.) interstitial cell-stimulating hormone

B.) growth hormone

C.) leptin

D.) neurohormone 

C.) leptin


A type of catheter made of a flexible tube with a balloon filled with sterile water at the end to hold it in place in the bladder is known as a ______ catheter.

A.) Foley

B.) indwelling

C.) suprapubic

D.) intermittent

A.) Foley


A/An _______ is acquired in a hospital or clinic setting.

A.) unctional disorder

B.) iatrogenic illness

C.) idiopathic disorder

D.) nosocomial infection 

D.) nosocomial infection 


A type of pneumonia contracted during a stay in the hospital when the patient’s defenses are impaired is known as _______ pneumonia.

A.) hospital-acquired

B.) aspiration

C.)  community-acquired

D.) walking 

A.) hospital-acquired


The term _______ describes an eye disorder that can develop as a complication of diabetes.

A.) diabetic neuropathy

B.) diabetic retinopathy

C.) papilledema

D.) retinal detachment 

B.) diabetic retinopathy


The physical wasting with the loss of weight and muscle mass due to diseases such as advanced cancer is known as _______.

A.) cachexia

B.) anorexia nervosa

C.) bulimia nervosa

D.) malnutrition 

A.) cachexia


The term _______ means difficulty swallowing.

A.) aerophagia

B.) dyspepsia

C.) dysphagia

D.) eructation 

C.) dysphagia


A/An ______ occurs when a blood vessel in the brain leaks or ruptures.

A.) cerebral hematoma

B.) embolism

C.) hemorrhagic stroke

D.) ischemic stroke 

C.) hemorrhagic stroke


The hormonal disorder known as _______ results from the pituitary gland producing too much growth hormone in adults.

A.) acromegaly

B.) cretinism

C.) gigantism

D.) pituitarism 

A.) acromegaly


The term _______ describes the condition commonly known an ingrown toenail.

A.) cryptorchidism

B.) onychocryptosis

C.) onychomycosis

D.) priapism

B.) onychocryptosis


An _______ is the instrument used to examine the interior of the eye.

A.) ophtalmoscope

B.) ophthalmoscope

C.) opthalmoscope

D.) opthlmoscope 

B.) ophthalmoscope


A/An _______ is a protrusion of part of the stomach upward into the chest through an opening in the diaphragm. 

A.) esophageal hernia

B.) esophageal varices

C.) hiatal hernia

D.) hiatal varices 

C.) hiatal hernia