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The ______ is commonly known as the collar bone.

A.) clavicle

B.) olecranon

C.) patella

D.) sternum

A.) clavicle


_________ are long, slender spiral-shaped bacteria that have flexible walls and are capable of movement. 

A.) bacilli

B.) spirochetes

C.) staphylococcus

D.) streptococcus

B.) spirochetes


A/An _______ is a malignant tumor usually involving the upper shaft of long bones, the pelvis, or knee. 

A.) adenocarcinoma

B.) Hodgkin's lymphoma

C.) osteochondroma

D.) osteosarcoma

D.) osteosarcoma


Which of these diseases is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected blacklegged tick? 

A.) cytomegalovirus

B.) human immunodeficiency virus

C.) Lyme disease

D.) West Nile virus

C.) Lyme disease


_________ involves compression of nerves and blood vessels due to swelling within the enclosed space created by the fascia that separates groups of muscles. 

A.) Chronic fatigue syndrome

B.) compartment syndrome

C.) fibromyalgia syndrome

D.) myofascial pain syndrome

B.) compartment syndrome


A/An ________, also known as a boil, is a large, tender, swollen area caused by a staphylococcal infection around a hair follicle or sebaceous gland. 

A.) abscess

B.) carbuncle

C.) furuncle

D.) pustule

C.) furuncle


Which term refers to a class of drugs that relieves pain without affecting consciousness? 

A.) analgesic

B.) barbiturate

C.) hypnotic

D.) sedative

A.) analgesic


Fine muscle tremors, rigidity, and a slow or shuffling gait are all symptoms of
the progressive condition known as _______.

A.) multiple sclerosis

B.) muscular dystrophy

C.) myasthenia gravis

D.) Parkinson's disease

D.) Parkinson's disease


A form of vasculitis that affects the arms, upper body, neck, and head with symptoms including headache and touch sensitivity is known as ______.

A.) temporal arteritis

B.) hemangioma

C.) migraine

D.) peripheral vascular disease

A.) temporal arteritis


During her pregnancy, Ruth had a skin condition commonly known as the mask of pregnancy.  The medical term for this condition is _______.

A.) cholasma

B.) albinism

C.) exanthem

D.) vitiligo

A.) cholasma


_______ is caused by the failure of the bones of the limbs to grow to an appropriate length. 

A.) acromegaly

B.) gigantism

C.) hyperpituitarism

D.) short stature

D.) short stature


In a ________ fracture, a bone is splintered or crushed.

A.) comminuted

B.) compound

C.) compression

D.) spiral

A.) comminuted


The combining form _______ means vertebra or vertebral column.

A.) synovi/o

B.) spondyl/o

C.) scoli/o

D.) splen/o

B.) spondyl/o


Which heart chamber receives oxygen-poor blood from all tissues, except the lungs? 

A.) left atrium

B.) left ventricle

C.) right atrium

D.) right ventricle

C.) right atrium


Which substance is commonly known as good cholesterol? 

A.) high-density lipoprotein cholesterol

B.) homocysteine

C.) low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

D.) triglycerides

A.) high-density lipoprotein cholesterol


Which symbol means less than? 

A.) >

B.) <


B.) <


When medication is placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve slowly, this is known as _______ administration. 

A.) oral

B.) parenteral

C.) sublingual

D.) topical

C.) sublingual


A sonogram is the image created by ________.

A.) computerized tomography

B.) fluoroscopy

C.) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

D.) ultrasonography

D.) ultrasonography


Which combining form means red? 

A.) melan/o

B.) leuk/o

C.) erythr/o

D.) cyan/o

C.) erythr/o


An autoimmune disorder characterized by a severe reaction to foods containing gluten is known as _______.

A.) irritable bowel syndrome

B.) diverticulosis

C.) dyspepsia

D.) celiac disease

D.) celiac disease