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The term _______ describes inflammation of the gallbladder.

A.) cholecystectomy

B.) cholecystitis

C.) cholecystotomy

D.) cholelithiasis 

B.) cholecystitis


The term _______ means vomiting.

A.) emesis

B.) epistaxis

C.) reflux

D.) singultus

A.) emesis


The bluish discoloration of the skin caused by a lack of adequate oxygen is known as _______.

A.) cyanosis

B.) erythema

C.) jaundice

D.) pallor

A.) cyanosis


_______ is a disorder of the adrenal glands due to excessive production of aldosterone. 

A.) Conn's syndrome

B.) Crohn's disease

C.) Cushing's syndrome

D.) Raynaud's phenomenon

A.) Conn's syndrome


A/An _______ is any substance that the body regards as being foreign.

A.) allergen

B.) antibody

C.) antigen

D.) immunoglobin

C.) antigen


Which condition has purple discolorations on the skin due to bleeding underneath the skin? 

A.) dermatosis

B.) pruritus

C.) purpura

D.) suppuration

C.) purpura


A brief disturbance in brain function in which there is a loss of awareness often described as a staring episode is known as a/an _______ seizure. 

A.) petit mal

B.) tonic-clonic

C.) absence

D.) grand mal

C.) absence


A band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally is a/an _______.

A.) adhesion

B.) ankylosis

C.) contracture

D.) ligation

A.) adhesion


Which procedure is performed to treat spider veins? 

A.) blepharoplasty

B.) Botox

C.) liposuction

D.) sclerotherapy

D.) sclerotherapy


The instrument used to examine the external ear canal is known as a/an _______.

A.) anoscope

B.) ophthalmoscope

C.) otoscope

D.) speculum

C.) otoscope


Which condition is breast cancer at its earliest stage before the cancer has broken through the wall of the milk duct? 

A.) ductal carcinoma in situ

B.) infiltrating lobular carcinoma

C.) inflammatory breast cancer

D.) invasive lobular carcinoma 

A.) ductal carcinoma in situ


Enlarged and swollen veins at the lower end of the esophagus are known as ________.

A.) esophageal aneurysms

B.) esophageal varices

C.) hemorrhoids

D.) varicose veins

B.) esophageal varices


________ is a progressive autoim- mune disorder characterized by inflammation that causes demyelination of the myelin sheath. 

A.) systemic lupus erythematosus 

B.) multiple sclerosis

C.) muscular dystrophy

D.) spina bifida 

B.) multiple sclerosis


The abdominal region located below the stomach is known as the ________ region.

A.) epigastric

B.) hypogastric

C.) left hypochondriac

D.) umbilical

B.) hypogastric


Which of these sexually transmitted disease is a bacterial infection? 

A.) acquired immunodeficency syndrome

B.) gonorrhea

C.) genital herpes

D.) trichomoniasis

B.) gonorrhea


Narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted to expose the glans penis is known as _______.

A.) balanitis

B.) Peyronie's disease

C.) phimosis

D.) priapism

C.) phimosis


A/An _______ is an exfoliative screening biopsy for the detection and diagnosis of conditions of the cervix and surrounding tissues. 

A.) endometrial biopsy

B.) lymph node dissection

C.) Pap smear

D.) sentinel node biopsy

C.) Pap smear


The term _______ is used to describe practices and systems of health care used to supplement traditional Western medicine. 

A.) allopathic medicine

B.) complementary medicine

C.) alternative medicine

D.) homeopathy

B.) complementary medicine


The term _________ describes turning the palm upward or forward.

A.) circumduction

B.) pronation

C.) rotation

D.) supination

D.) supination


The term ________ describes the inflammation of a vein.

A.) vasculitis

B.) arteritis

C.) phlebitis

D.) phlebostenosis

C.) phlebitis